Autumn in Central Park




One upon a time, my parents said to me, “CCBB. Do not ever go in Central Park. You will never come out.” I do not think they realize how gorgeous and clean the park has become since their 1970’s New York. These photos contain no drug dealers, no syringes, no graffiti, and no hulking presences in hoods. Just ducks, changing leaves, mums, and the pretty buildings on the outskirts of the park (not that 432 Park, though. No one likes that one)


Side note: it is very rare for the park to be this empty. I just happen to be a crazy person who wakes up very early to exercise. Another side note: that couple in the bottom right (above photo)…what are they doing? That is not normal.

I’ve decided that The Turtle Pond is my favorite place in Central Park, particularly the path running right along the water. It always seems to be less crowded for some reason, and it also happens to be where they filmed a scene in Almost Famous (one of Boyfriend’s favorite movies). To top it all off, you are almost always guaranteed to see some type of wildlife here. Whenever I have a friend visit the city, this is the place I drag them. I usually end up screaming “look at the turtle!!!!” in their face while they look on politely.

Below, you can see the famous Plaza Hotel (not pictured: Eloise wearing Dior and eating filet mignon). It looks much better from a distance, as the sidewalk outside is normally impossibly crowded — I used to walk by the hotel maybe four-six times a month on my way to my weekend bartending job, kind of a sad thing to do.




Anyway, autumn in New York is a wonderful thing: the temperatures drop, the August humidity disappears, the townhouses are decorated for Halloween. But sometimes, it doesn’t feel like autumn here because there are so few trees to look at. Luckily, we have Central Park! Thanks Central Park!

This post was sponsored by Central Park (just kidding).




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