2016: A Year in Review

There seems to be a general consensus amongst us that 2016 was an awful, awful year. We lost some truly amazing personalities (it all started with David Bowie, didn’t it?), a muppet is the president of the United States, and the world seems to be dissolving into general chaos. When I look back on my life in 2016, it went by in a flash but contained a handful of really sweet sentiments and momentous moments:

 Sweet Sentiments: 

I started the year off somewhere in upper Manhattan, with two of my favorite people…and I had my first New Year’s kiss with my boyfriend.

I fully discovered and lived in a new part of New York City — the glorious Upper East Side. This year consisted of many long walks through Central Park, brunches in great restaurants, museum mile, and gorgeous townhouses.

I became closer with the girls in my master’s program. I know that I have a solid network that I can rely on forever.

My boyfriend and I took three memorable trips, to Mystic, CT, Chicago, IL, and Columbus, GA to visit amazing friends and family.

I celebrated my 24th birthday.

I saw The Used in concert, one of my favorite bands from when I was an angst-y teenager. I did this partly as a joke, but it was also a LOT of fun.

I celebrated Fourth of July weekend at Rockaway Beach with my boyfriend.

I had a wholly successful autumn with my boyfriend as well: looking at fall foliage, walks in Central Park, museum hopping, apple picking, cookie baking, and dressing up for Halloween as a witch.

Momentous Moments: 

I held a successful internship with one of the greatest Old Master galleries in the world.

I also worked part-time at two quirky places: a downtown auction house, and a swanky catering venue.

I started practicing yoga.

I started a huge project, 101 Things in 1001 Days. Some of my favorite achievements from this year include: reading five classic books, stargazing, calling my Grandpa, writing letters to friends, and adding 20 new books to my personal library.

I co-curated a contemporary art exhibition. This was a dream of mine, and it was amazing to see it come to fruition.

I graduated with my master’s degree.

Another big one: Only nine days after I graduated, I nabbed my first full-time art world job.

And last but not least, I started this blog!

I think that 2016 has been all about the gradual march towards becoming an adult…balanced out with a lot of fun. I’ve definitely grown quite a bit — I learned a lot in school, and I’m learning a lot of real life lessons every day at my job.

Here’s to 2016…

…and I look forward to welcoming a fresh 2017.


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