What’s in My Makeup Bag?

Here’s a sneak peak into my makeup bag! This is by no means the definitive list of each thing in my makeup bag — that would be an epic novel of a blog post — but these are some of my favorite products that I’ve been loyal to for years.


I only recently discovered the wonders of foundation (it’s like real-life airbrushing!) I try not to use it too often, because I feel like it is the gateway product to contouring. But, when I want to feel extra fancy, I will put on a thin layer of Revlon Colorstay for Normal/Dry Skin. I love anything that has SPF in it, and this doesn’t make my skin oily even though it is a moisturizer as well. I use the Sand Beige.

One face product that I use every single day is my bareMinerals Original Foundation. This stuff is so great that I’ve been using it since high school (so, around eight years…damn, I’m getting old!) It’s light, it’s powdery, it doesn’t clog your pores or sink into wrinkles, it has SPF, and it lasts forever. I use the fairly medium.

Back to being fancy! When I’m going for a look with a little more oomph, I like to use blush. I experimented with a handful of colors, and found that orange blush tones look best with my complexion. I got this Fit Me Blush by Maybelline, and the color is much more subtle than it looks on their website.

I use the Laura Geller Double Ended Face & Blush Brush to rub it all in!

EYES (aka the most important part)

Again, this is not something that I use everyday but I love the Mally Eyeshadow Palette in Radiant Taupe. I laughed at the first review in the link, because I also received this as a gift from my QVC-obsessed mother. The lightest color in the palette looks best with my complexion, so if I get a new palette in the future I plan on getting one with much lighter shades.

One of my absolute favorite products is the bareMinerals READY eyeshadow. They no longer make my favorite color combo (which makes me want to cry), but I will probably end up just picking a new palette. The powder allows for a softer eyeliner look, which I love.

My favorite mascara is the Buxom Lash Mascara. No clumps, no spider legs. Perfect.


I don’t wear lipstick every day, but when I do I like to use Lush’s Lip Scrub. I currently have three of their flavors: The Kiss, Bubblegum, and Mint Julips. I absolutely love Lush, and will do a future post just dedicated to their products. Their lip scrub is amazing — I highly recommend it! Mine expire soon, so I’m trying to use them all within the next few months.

Some of my favorite lip colors include Tarte’s Lipsurgence Lip Tint in Rose, Melon, and Mauve Pink, along with Buxom’s White Russian lip gloss and Lancome’s Rouge in Love in 181 — red lipstick is my favorite.

Thanks for reading!


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