48 Hours in Mystic, Connecticut

Last spring, my boyfriend and I took a short weekend trip to Mystic, CT, to get away from New York City (need fresh air every once in a while). We went in the spring, so it wasn’t the peak season. I would recommend this — no crowds and no screaming children. Check out my recommendations below!


We stayed in The Steamboat Inn, which is situated right on the Mystic River. Our room was called the Marie Gilbert, and it had an amazing view of the river. This was one of the smaller rooms in the inn, but I thought it was plenty spacious. It was very well-decorated!





The Steamboat Inn from the other side of the Mystic River


The Inn also had a nice dining area with free cookies and sherry every day at 3pm. The cookies were great! The sherry — not so much (I tried it and felt like I was choking on alcoholic maple syrup).


If you go to Mystic and don’t eat at Mystic Pizza, you never really went to Mystic.



If you didn’t already know, Mystic Pizza is a movie from 1988 that was filmed at…Mystic Pizza. It’s a coming of age story about girls who work at the pizza parlor. They stream the movie constantly in the restaurant. The pizza is pretty good, too!

We also had seafood at Bravo Bravo because…if you go to New England and don’t eat seafood, you never went to New England. I had the baked crab cakes, and my boyfriend has the Fish BLT of the day. All delicious!


I highly recommend visiting all of the little book stores and clothing boutiques along the main road. We stopped in Bank Square Books, and two clothing boutiques where I got a personalized belt and quilted Vera Bradley bag.

BUT. If you do one thing in Mystic, go to the Seaport!





It was AMAZING to look at all of the boats, and even tour them and learn all about the history behind the area. I LOVE old things (old people, old animals, old art…and old places). New England is one of the older places in the U.S. (duh) and I love reading about its history. I’ve also always been fascinated with the ocean and boats, so the Seaport was a real treat.




The Olde Mystic Seaport was also great. It was really interesting to walk around (it takes almost a full day to walk the whole thing, by the way), and we talked with all of the nice volunteers. They were really knowledgable. We also stopped in the whaling museum — I think this may have been a temporary exhibition, but they had a great little show about timekeeping at sea. I was reading The Discoverers at the time, so it was fantastic to see all the gadgets in person (nerd alert).

Thank you for reading! I hope to post more travel recommendations in the future!


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