A Valentine’s Day Gift Idea for the Person who Hates Material Things

We all know that person: the Person who Hates Material Things. Mostly Dads, these folks can be nearly impossible to shop for.


Last year was my first official Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend (who specifically stated that he “didn’t want a present” — the first sign that you are dealing with a Person who Hates Material Things) and I wanted to get him something special, simple, and straightforward. I decided to get him an experience-based gift, and scrolled through Pinterest for a few minutes.

I finally settled on a gift that I like to call “The Five Senses.” It’s a pretty open idea: you buy a gift each for sight, scent, taste, hearing, and touch. This can be anything that you want it to be. Check out some of my ideas for each below:

SIGHT: Movie tickets, travel tickets, a trip to a museum or gallery, a work of art, a framed photo, a video game.

SCENT: Essential oils and/or diffuser, candles, bath products.

TASTE: A home cooked meal or restaurant reservations, their favorite food, a monthly food subscription, cooking classes.

HEARING: A music mix, a Spotify subscription, a song/poem you wrote about them (if you are really cheesy like me).

TOUCH : Massage, massage classes.

As you can see, I went above and beyond with the pink and red Valentine’s Day decor. If you’re like me and want to do something festive (read: over-the-top and ridiculous), I suggest heading to your local crafts store to find containers, bags, or pouches to put everything in — part of the fun is opening each gift/watching the person open each gift. If your partner is super straight laced and hates attention/opening gifts, just lay it out on a table for them and explain the theme of each gift.

I hope you all have an excellent Valentine’s Day. Thanks for reading!


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