Savannah Travel Guide, Part I: City Photo Tour

Hello All! I’ve had the travel bug recently, and I’ve been getting through it by looking at my old travel photos. I thought it would be great to make more travel guides for this blog, especially since I had so much fun writing about Mystic, CT.

Savannah, GA is a city that I’ve visited quite often — my sister lived there for a couple of years, so I flew down at every chance I got! I have lots of suggestions and photos to share, so I’m going to divide my travel guide into four parts. Today is Part I, and I just wanted to do a general photo tour of some of the more touristy areas of Savannah. Enjoy!

Savannah, or “Slow-vannah” as my family of fast-walking New Yorkers calls it, has SO much Southern charm. There are beautiful buildings everywhere.



The Waving Girl Statue commemorates Florence Martus, who waved to every single ship that entered the Port of Savannah. She did this for 44 years, and apparently never missed a boat.
The Riverfront is to Savannah as Times Square is to New York City. It’s filled with tourists and lots of bric-a-brac souvenirs. But you kind of have to go if you’re visiting for the first time.


When in the Savannah, try pralines!!

Just a general overview of the city to kick off the travel guide! Thanks for reading!


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