Savannah Travel Guide, Part II: Where to Eat

I have two restaurants and an ice cream parlor to share with you today! When in Savannah, my sister and I cooked a lot at her house, so we didn’t eat out too often. However, I really recommend these following locations if you are in or around the city.



Leopold’s Ice Cream

I HATE waiting in lines, but this place makes it worth it. They have an amazing selection of ice cream (I tried the lemon custard), and a seasonal menu as well. Seasonal flavors for February include Chocolate Cherry Cordial, Rose Petal Cream, and Strawberry Shortcake. The ice cream is just really damned good. Try it. Period.



The Olde Pink House

I was really excited to try the Olde Pink House while in Savannah. It’s pink! Look at it! The facade supposedly used to be white,  but the brick inside the walls essentially dyed it pink because of the humidity — the humidity down there is no joke. I had never been in a restaurant like it before. It’s very Southern, and is basically a historic house with a bunch of tables, chairs, and super friendly waiters thrown in. Walk by to see the gorgeous architecture, and make a reservation if you want to do something a little fancy during your visit.



The Crab Shack

By the way, not everything I suggest is going to be in Savannah. The Crab Shack is actually on the nearby Tybee Island (which I will write about in Part III). The Crab Shack is kind of the opposite of the Olde Pink House: loud, outdoors, and uber casual. But the food is just as good. To sit outside on a wooden dock overlooking the ocean in 90 degree weather while eating crab dipped in butter…I would love to be there right now. They also have a little area where you can feed alligators!!

Thank you for reading!


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