Your Spring Capsule Wardrobe Checklist

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my vision for my Spring/Summer Capsule wardrobe. As we inch painfully and slowly towards spring, it is finally time to start shopping and turn the vision into a  ~ R E A L I T Y ~

For those who don’t know, a capsule wardrobe consists of a few quality basic clothing items. Think: white button down shirt or black flats. LBD or trench coat. It’s basically the meat and potatoes of your closet — the foundation upon which all of your outfits are built.

For me, it is difficult to find spring and summer clothes that work well with the rest of my wardrobe. My wardrobe is very autumnal. I love plaid skirts and long sleeve dresses and boots. It is also difficult to find the right balance weather-wise in New York City. It rains a lot in the spring. Summers are notoriously humid. Offices are notoriously freezing. How can you make it work?!!? I would like to help!

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 10.50.23 AM.png

Just some ideas: #1: J Crew Italian Silk Square Scarf in Ornate Floral; #2: French Connection ‘Sundae’ Stretch Mini Dress in Daisy White; #3: Caslon Ballet Neck Cotton & Modal Knit Elbow Sleeve Tee in Navy; J Crew Ornate Floral Ruffle-trim Top in Silk; #5: Amour Vert Peppi Organic Tee in Navy/Ivory Stripe; #6 is sold out! Similar here; #7: Tory Burch ‘Minnie’ Travel Ballet Flat in Light Oak Leather; #8: Tory Burch Bima 2 Espadrille; #9: Jack Rodgers Sallie Chelsea Rain Bootie (they have five colors to choose from); #10: Topshop Faux Leather Pencil Skirt in White; #11: Lodis Blair Collection Cynthia Leather Tote in Toffee/Taupe; #12: Tahari Ruffle Body-Con Dress in Scarlett

Make sure you have:


-One dark neutral dress

-One light neutral dress

-One solid colored dress in a fun, spring-y/summer-y color

-One patterned dress

-Sun dress


-Two or three neutral tees, your choice of neutrals

-One solid colored top in a fun, spring-y/summer-y color

-One patterned top

-One striped tee

-One light sweater


-One dark neutral skirt

-One light neutral skirt

-One or two patterned skirts

-One light colored pair of jeans

-One dark colored pair of jeans

-One pair of flowy pants or culottes


Light cardigan

Trench coat


-Neutral flats

-Neutral Sandals



-Rain boots


-Tote bag

-Messenger Bag

-Straw bag



-Two silk scarves (one solid, one patterned)


-Straw hat

Additional tips: Make sure all of your pieces can transition from day to night. Versatility is key. With dresses, feel free to play around with pattern and color — dresses only have to be matched with shoes. Try to steer clear of trends (looking’ at you, off-the-shoulder). Know what works for your body type and stick with it. For me, all of my dresses are fit and flare — a universally flattering fit. I also likes skirts better than pants.

For tops, stick with sleeveless, short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, or very lightweight fabric long-sleeve. For shoes and bags, choose neutral colors like camel, white, black, or navy. Know your neutrals: if you look best in black, get black neutrals. If you like navy better, stick with it. Consistency is key.

Remember that a capsule wardrobe is not your only wardrobe. You can still have fun and buy fun trendy pieces. For me, having a capsule is more about prioritizing fewer, higher quality pieces that I will have forever.

Thanks for reading!


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