Tone It Up: Week One Check In

Hello! I have successfully completed my first week of Tone It Up’s Eight Week Nutrition Plan! I am absolutely floored by the positive results so far.

On Sunday night, I fully hunkered down and prepared for the upcoming week. First step: food shopping. Food shopping was an adventure. Tone It Up suggests a grocery shopping list, and it is a TON of food — too much for one 5 1″ girl to carry back to her apartment from the supermarket, and MUCH more than your average city dweller buys in one week. Everyone at the supermarket positively hated me for clogging up the line. The cashier hated me. The bag guy hated me. The people walking by outside hated me. I literally limped and dragged all of my bags home while everyone stared at me. I kind of foresaw this happening, so tried to skimp on some ingredients (two grapefruits instead of four, which I would eat in halves instead of buying five apples for snacks, half a gallon of almond milk, a small size of egg whites, etc.). Second step: food prep. This took a substantial amount of time.


Day One was President’s Day, so I woke up at around 7am to complete the Body Love Total Body Workout. Right before I started, I remembered that I had to drink my meta D (which is like a flush drink with apple cider vinegar). It didn’t taste very good, so I watered it down and sipped it throughout my workout. Like all of Tone It Up’s workouts, the Total Body Workout was extremely difficult. Afterwards, I went for a 20 minute run. Luckily, the weather was gorgeous. You technically aren’t supposed to run on Day One, but it was just so sunny outside that I couldn’t resist. When I got back, I popped my pre-made Perfect Fit Pancakes into the oven. These taste pretty good considering what’s in them! I already felt decadent for eating pancakes (albeit healthy ones), so I opted for honey instead of syrup and piled on some blueberries. I started feeling extremely nauseous an hour later, either from the meta D or the protein powder, but was fine in 20 minutes. I ate half a grapefruit two hours later, and was beyond hungry by 1230pm. After lunch, I was starving two hours later, and then after my snack…I was starving again. The weird thing is that I am definitely eating enough food. My body is just craving something unhealthy.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Early morning runs are the best runs

During the first half of the week, I felt nauseous in the morning. I eventually discovered that it was the meta-d, and I started cutting down on how much I drank in the morning. Eating healthy throughout the week was especially difficult. I had horrible sugar and salt cravings, but managed to avoid all desserts and office snacks. I had two extremely busy days at work on Thursday and Friday (two 12 hours days in a row! My favorite!) and had to add an additional 5pm snack to hold myself over until a 9:30pm dinner.


-My bloating has disappeared entirely. Do you know when you wake up in the morning and feel skinny? That is now permanent.

-I have lost three inches in my waist.

-I have lost two pounds, and I am now at the lower end of my weight fluctuation.

-My muscles are more defined, especially my arms, abs, and bootay.

-My cheekbones and jaw are mored defined. I always lose weight in my face first.

-I feel healthy and clean from all of the amazing recipes.

So far so good! Stay tuned for week two!


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