Tone It Up: Week Two Check In

I did not do a good job this week with my diet. On Tuesday, I went out for dinner and got chicken and veggies as my main dish…but I also had fried zucchini fritters and a slice of bread. I had a few long days at work and needed to add an addition snack (I got coconut yogurt at Pret, but you can tell that there was a ton of sugar in it — it tasted like frosting). On Friday, I had a slice of carrot cake! Tomorrow, I am going out to dinner again. I’ll try my best to eat lean, clean, and green, but I’m feeling pretty bloated this week. I am not seeing any major additional results, either, which is discouraging.

On the bright side, I didn’t miss a single Body Love workout! But I also didn’t run from Monday-Friday, so I could’ve done better. I’ll just chalk it up to a bad week!

In other news, I LOVE the spaghetti squash marinara recipe, and I really enjoyed the salmon recipes this week. I’ve already started planning for next week, and the recipes look even better. I’m geared up for a more disciplined week three 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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