Tone It Up: Week Three Check In

Week three was awesome — my favorite so far! I actually made a small but very effective adjustment this week: I switched from the Body Love workouts to the daily Booty Call. I think that the five daily moves and corresponding workouts push me a bit harder. My waist line has slimmed down even more, but I’m going to wait until the end to take measurements.

The recipes really did it for me this week. I love the Chicken Citrus Summer Salad, but the Chili Shrimp Tacos were my absolute favorite. Also this week, I swapped out smoothie snacks for what I like to call “ants on a log dip” (celery, a spoonful of peanut butter, with raisins drizzled over the peanut butter). How beautiful and colorful is all of the food?!?

This week I ordered the Perfect Fit vanilla protein powder, and it is so much more delicious than the pumpkin spice. But I’ll keep the pumpkin spice around for baking. I also got a free bottle of Perfect Fit vitamins, and I’ve started taking those as well.

I think I’ve reached that point in the diet that I’ve been waiting for, the point where healthy food is more delicious than unhealthy foods. I actually had two tagalongs last night, and I could only have two because they were so sweet and too filling. Before I started doing Tone It Up, I would’ve eaten the whole box.

So far so good! Thanks for reading!


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