Tone It Up: Week Four Check In

Week Four kind of bummed me out. First of all, I had a really busy week and, thanks to Evil Daylight Saving Time, I had an extremely difficult time waking up to work out most mornings. I didn’t miss a single workout, but I hate working out late at night!

I wasn’t a massive fan of the nutrition plan this week, either. There was a lot of leeway with meals, which I don’t like. I need to be told exactly what to eat. Instead of getting creative and looking over the Recipe Guide, I just made a Mexican Plate (pictured above) for every “choose your own” meal. This ended up getting repetitive and boring, but the fault is my own.

At least the results were good this week! I noticed a massive change in my body. I actually did yoga today as part of my rest day and all of the moves that used to be difficult for me are much more easy. Also this week, I did slip up once and had three Reese’s (I was starving, I was in the office until 10pm, they were there….) and I felt absolutely ill afterwards. I no longer crave unhealthy foods, and when I do eat them I feel like absolute garbage. I’m much more into grilled chicken and strawberries, and fruits and veggies in general. It feels kind of amazing!

I’ve reviewed the recipes for week five, and they look AWESOME. I’m very excited, and I will try to take more pictures of the food!

Thanks for reading!



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