Tone It Up: Week Five Check In

This has been my worst week so far! I had dessert every night and missed four workouts. I did wonderfully for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner…but then would gorge on brownies or Cheerios (Cheerios were my weakness this week). I also had fish and chips AND fried chicken last night. I only have one excuse: shark week.

This week’s recipes were a lot of fun, though. I particularly loved all of the mango salsa, and the chia pudding is now one of my favorite snacks. I also loved the kale and strawberry salad, and the egg frittata muffins. I only didn’t like the spicy shrimp cucumber. I added WAY too many spices, and nearly choked to death. Oh well!

Only three weeks left to go! I’m gearing up to really buckle down and finish strong. Looking forward to next week. Thanks for reading!


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