How to Style a Black Tee (for Spring?)

Only I can set out to write a “how to style a _________ for spring” post, and end up with two brooding fall/winter outfits. But gingham is springy….right? RIGHT?!

Either way, this is now a very general post on how you can wear a black tee. Basically you can wear a black tee with literally anything, so you don’t even have to read this post. Just throw on any shade of jeans, or any type of skirt (patterned, solid, leather, cotton — ANY!) and then go to town with accessories. Lately I’ve been craving outfits that are really simple, but mostly so that I can break out some of my funkier accessories.

In other news, I have been a busy bee! I got a new job (hello), and just about finished Tone It Up’s Eight Week Nutrition Plan (I lost five pounds, four inches in my waist, and one and a half inch in my hips). Next week is my birthday week (weeeeee!) and I’ll be celebrating passover, having dinner with my boyfriend’s grandma, taking off of work on my birthday to carpe diem, celebrating my last week at work, and spending time with family for Easter. This will either give me more to write about, or I’ll be too busy to write. We shall see!

Thanks for reading!


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