Nashville, Tennessee

My boyfriend and I just got back from a week well-spent in Nashville, TN! We drove down last Saturday for family, friends, my boyfriend’s alma mater, and, of course, the eclipse. Let me just start by saying that it was fantastic to see my sister, her husband, their two crazy dogs, and my Aunt. I missed them all so much (I only get to see them about twice per year) and I’m glad that we got to spend some quality time together. We all watched the eclipse on Monday from my sister’s backyard, and it was so surreal and otherworldly! I was screaming, and the two minutes of totality passed too quickly.

For this post, I wanted to share some of the highlights of our visit, and some recommendations for food, culture, etc.!

Clockwise from top left: Pork plate from Hog Heaven, the Chocolate Sin at Pancake Pantry, view from our table at the Southern, Goo Goo Shop facade, sign outside Pinewood Social 

For food, you absolutely must eat at the following restaurants: Etch (make sure to get their roasted cauliflower — it comes with three different dips, my favorite of which was the smoked pea), Hog Heaven (a true hole in the wall, situated in a McDonald’s parking lot. Make sure to try the pulled pork sandwich or pulled pork plate, and buy a bottle or two of the sauces to go), Pancake Pantry (there is a line, but their pancake flavor variety makes it totally worth it), The Southern (they have the best Southern breakfasts: fried chicken and waffles, biscuits, grits, etc.), Pinewood Social (the food is only okay, but the atmosphere is so much fun), and Goo Goo (for their made-in-Nashville chocolate clusters).

Clockwise from top left: Drink at Nudie’s Bar on Broadway, Live on the Green, sign for the Johnny Cash Museum, flamingo at the Nashville Zoo

For fun and culture, do the following: walk down Broadway and get a drink (live country music pouring out of every bar and the sort of Honky Tonk feeling that you just don’t get in New York. You can also gawk at all the different styles of cowboy boots in the many shops along the street), hit up a few boutiques in Hillsborough (I liked a tiny one called Tennessee Chic, where I got a black swing dress), visit the Parthenon (a little cultural lesson, with an interesting exhibit, some artworks, and a larger-than-life statue of Athena), Johnny Cash Museum (a lovely homage to the singer), The Nashville Zoo (so many interesting and adorable animals, some of which you can walk into the enclosures with — the nice animals, obviously — and large enough to take a full day to get through), Live on the Green (very crowded, but fun overall and they have some great indie bands). A disclaimer: I do not like country music, so we skipped a few of the more touristy country music fan things.

We stayed in part with my sister, but spent four nights at The Renaissance Hotel. Our stay was fantastic: great location, comfy beds, good service, and large rooms.

Thanks for reading!


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