My First Stitch Fix Box | December 2017 1.0

I’m very excited to say that I started two subscription boxes this month: Stitch Fix, and Trunk Club. I received my first Stitch Fix box this week, and I wanted to share with you what was inside!

Please click the following link for my unboxing and try on video on youtube:

I did film an unboxing and try on but, since I was so busy the past two days, I didn’t have time to do a good job. Maybe I can post a youtube video when I receive the next one 🙂

Let’s get into it! If you’re reading this, you probably already know what Stitch Fix is. I signed up for my first one mid-November. It was super easy — you just create a style profile (which is like a pretty fun style quiz) and then you create an account. You are immediately allowed to write a note to your stylist (with a character limit), which you can change at any time before your box ships. I told my stylist that I was looking for classic pieces, and some stuff for work and the holidays. I also linked my clothing Pinterest board in my style profile, so my stylist would be able to see my 5,000+ pins depicting my personal style 😀

And that’s it! My box arrived three days early, which made me super happy.

I was so surprised how SPOT ON my stylist was with my personal style. She truly NAILED IT. I read a lot of reviews before getting my first box, and I know a lot of people were disappointed with their first box because their stylist didn’t really know them yet. That wasn’t the case with me — I think my stylist READ MY MIND.

So here’s what I received (I hope to make better blog posts in the future, right now I only have these images):

The first piece was the Margaret M Knit dress. This was a gorgeous navy blue work dress that can transition to cocktails with accessories. I got really nervous when I took this out of the box, because I already have a nearly identical dress in black. I didn’t end up keeping it because it wasn’t flattering in my midsection, and it was a little bit long.

The second piece was the Q&A Capricia Clip Dot Top. I really loved the color, and I would’ve kept it if it were a little more fitted — it was just too tent-like on my body. To be honest, I was a little put off by the price of this one.

The third piece was the Pixley Jordie Sheer Inset Silk Blouse. This top was absolutely GORGEOUS in person — the silk was SO SOFT. I did specify to my stylist that I didn’t want anything that was polyester, so all of the fabric on my pieces were great quality. This shirt had an amazing v-shaped inset at the neckline that was partially sheer. I loved this top, but it didn’t look right on. Again, it was too flowy…and I HATE cap sleeves. They make my shoulders look really broad. This was a return, too.

The fourth item in my box was the Liverpool Aislin Pencil Skirt. I originally thought these were trousers when I first glimpsed them because of the zipper and belt loops, and the textured pattern. I was so delighted to see it was actually a skirt! I love wearing skirts (I probably wear them 4 times a week), so I was very excited for this. Unfortunately, it didn’t fit right — it was too loose at the waist and too tight at the bootay, so it had to go back!

The last piece was this ABSOLUTELY EFFING GLORIOUS sweater: the Stitch & Not Samily Velvet Tie Sleeve Pullover Sweater. The tie sleeves were velvet! I think this was one of the most surprising pieces in my box, and I really loved it. Unfortunately, it was just too darned bulky! Even if I sized down, it wouldn’t have worked.

So all in all, I didn’t keep anything but I am SO excited for my next fix. I gave my stylist a ton of feedback (in the checkout survey), so fingers crossed!

Stay tuned for my first Trunk Club box!


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