Tone It Up Lifestyle Kit

Hello! I hope everyone is having an excellent week so far. This weekend I received my Members Tone It Up Lifefstyle Kit, and I’m so happy I did! I ordered it mainly for the nutrition plan cook book, but it came with a bunch of other goodies (members got a massive discount, so don’t worry).

I love Tone It Up so much. I love that their products actually work, and I love their branding so much! The fact that everything (including their recipes) is so beautiful makes working out and eating healthy that much more fun (yes, I am one of those evil people who actually enjoys working out).

The lifestyle kit was adorably packaged, of course, so I couldn’t help but take some photos (although I do think that someone spilled coffee on my box at some point? There’s a weird looking stain on the outside of my box).




The first item was the nutrition plan book! The first portion of the book contains all of the nutrition rules (no fruit after your third meal, which foods have the healthiest fats, etc.) and the second portion contains all of the recipes. I have all of the TIU PDF plans, but there is something so much more substantial about a cook book (plus I’ve gotten sick of dragging my laptop to the kitchen every day). I’ve actually been waiting for Tone It Up to release some sort of cookbook, and I’m sosososoosoooo glad they did this! I can’t wait to sit down and read it.



The kit also contained: a 10% discount code for your next protein powder purchase, a Tone It Up booty band (these things are the best, and I love the color of this one), a little phone holder plaque, and two pop up meal prep containers.

Are there any TIU community readers out there? Let me know what you think of your kit in the comments 🙂

Thanks for reading!

T. Louise ❤


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