Stitch Review No. 5 | February 2018

It’s time to hunker down on this rainy day and write my fifth Stitch Fix review! I love writing and reading Stitch Fix reviews — it’s sort of like a weird obsession of mine as of late. My blog traffic also skyrockets when I write these, so I’m gonna give the people what they want! Win win.

By the way, if you want to check out my Youtube unboxing and try on video, please click here! You can get a better sense of how everything looks on.

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Jazz hands.

 This was an exciting fix because I was able to use Stitch Fix’s new “Extras” feature. Basically, they allow you to pick from a selection of bras, socks, shapers, underwear, and other basic closet items. I picked out a ton of stuff, including a Free People lace bra, Hue control top tights, Stitch Fix brand socks, and a bra and shaper by Wacoal. It’s a really great feature!


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For this fix, I asked for help building my spring and summer wardrobe. I’ve mentioned it many times on this blog before, but I have a lot of trouble shopping for warm weather clothes because I love me a fall color palette and lots of layers.  Also, to be completely honest, I asked for a “Kate Middleton-inspired fix.” This is strange for me, because I don’t particularly follow Kate Middleton or her style. But I’m part of a Stitch Fix Facebook group of girls who post their fixes, and one girl posted her Kate fix and I loved everything that she got…so I went for it. I also asked for wedges, and for warm colors.


Stitch Fix is an online personal shopping service! It’s actually quite simple. You are matched with a personal stylist and they send you a box with five items whenever you need, but you can request recurring boxes (the options are seasonal, every couple of months, once a month, and every 2-3 weeks). There is a styling fee of $20 per box, which is credited to anything you purchase. It is free to return anything you don’t want or need! I’m planning on writing a more in depth post about the styling, checkout, and return process soon, so stay tuned for that! To sign up, you can visit Stitch Fix’s website and take the free style quiz. Also, please feel free to use my referral link here!


Overall, my stylist delivered some beautiful springy pieces that were a mix of bold and classic.



Adorne Charleene Knit Dress in Teal Green ($108) — RETURNED: Okay, this dress is beyond gorgeous! The pattern is so beautiful and silhouette is classy, and it’s a real eye catcher! However, the pattern is a bit too bohemian for me and looked very busy when I tried it on. The main reason I returned it, though, is because of the short sleeves. I have broader shoulders and arms, and I always like to downplay them. Where the sleeves fell on this dress really emphasized my arms, and I could tell that I wouldn’t feel 100% confident in it.



Leota Brigid Skirt in Red ($58) — KEPT: I knew I was going to keep this as soon as I pulled it out of the box. I love comfortable flow-y mini skirts like this one, and I love the elastic band — it is so comfortable. My stylist sent me a similar skirt in my third fix, but the pattern was too childish and I returned it. This Leota skirt is the grown-up version of that one, and I can’t wait to wear it with a flowy white top in the summer (and I’ll probably also pair it with a turtleneck in the winter).



Daniel Rainn Bacci Button Down Silk Blouse in Blush ($88) — KEPT: This shirt is the perfect example of why I love Stitch Fix. When I pulled it out of the box, I was sad because millennial pink is so trendy and I thought the color would wash me out. I feel like people get all sorts of ideas in their head about what looks good on them and what doesn’t, and we can be pretty stubborn about it. Stitch Fix is great because it can force you to get out of your comfort zone (if you want…they ask you about that in the style quiz! I opted for the occasional trend) and when I tried on this shirt, it looked fantastic. I also love the piping.



41 Hawthorn Jessie Essential Fitted Cardigan in Light Gray ($54) — KEPT: I was originally on the fence about this, but I ended up keeping it because I knew I would wear it with the blush blouse. It was also so soft that I couldn’t resist it. I also don’t have a gray cardigan, and thought it would be a great addition to my wardrobe in general. Keep!


Cole Haan Adair Leather Bow Wedge in Taupe ($100) — RETURNED: Ooops! My stylist misunderstood me when I asked for wedges. I was thinking of espadrilles, and I should have communicated that. It happens! I hated these when I pulled them out of the bag (I believe in the try on video I said, “I wouldn’t be caught dead in these”) but when I tried them on they were pretty darned cute! SF does it again with the comfort zone thing. However, they did slip off a little bit and they weren’t my style, so I didn’t keep them. Also, I’m not a fan of taupe shoes.

And that’s it! Thanks so much for reading 🙂

You can read my previous Stitch Fix reviews here, and stay tuned for my styling post with the items I purchased!

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