Why I Canceled My Trunk Club Subscription

Hello everyone! If you’ve been following along, you know that I’ve been trying to find the  best clothing subscription box. Right now I’m still subscribed to Stitch Fix and Daily Look, but I canceled my Trunk Club subscription after my last box. I wanted to share why — if anyone out there is thinking of trying it, I hope this helps make your decision!

I actually don’t want to dissuade anyone from trying Trunk Club. I would actually say that, if you’re looking for trendy clothing, you should DEFINITELY try it. If you’re into cold shoulder tops, velvet, embroidery, over-the-knee boots, gray, millennial pink, and all of the current trends, then please go for it!

That was my problem with Trunk Club, though: everything they sent was super trendy. And that was extra bothersome to me, because I specifically asked (multiples times) for classic pieces.

I always felt like my stylist was sending the opposite of what I asked for. For example, in my first Trunk I requested black, heeled knee high boots and explained that I was five feet tall, so a lot of the current trends don’t look good on me. My stylist then sent me over-the-knee boots. I asked for fit and flare, tailored items, and my stylist sent very flowy, boxy items. I asked for warm colors and I got cool colors. The worst part is that I continued to give her second chances, and she continued to not listen. It was actually quite frustrating. I think it’s because the stylists need to push certain inventory, so they can’t always listen to what the people want. It’s really not customer-focused.

They also made a mistake on my last box. I honestly don’t hold it against them, because these things do happen. But they sent me black sweatpants on accident instead of a blue top that I was supposed to receive. I returned the sweatpants, and I then explained this to them in my feedback…and they ended up charging me for the blue top that I never got. When they charged me, I was a little bit angry so I reached out to customer service. They were helpful and I got a response from a real person, which was nice. But then a week or so later, I got a box in the mail…with the black sweatpants inside. I reached out to customer service again, and it turns out that they thought I returned an article of my own clothing on accident. The whole thing was just kind of a huge hassle.

At the end of my run with Trunk Club (three boxes each containing 10-12 items), I had gotten two items and spent $75 in styling fees. To me, that’s just totally not worth it!

It’s possible that I just got unlucky with my stylist. It’s possible that my stylist just didn’t understand what I meant by classic. I think it’s most likely that their inventory just didn’t line up with what I was looking for — it just wasn’t the best match for me.

I hope this is helpful. Thanks for reading!

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T. Louise

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