Weekly Roundup

How’s everyone handling Daylight Saving? I’m beginning this post on Sunday morning, after an incredibly long and grueling work week. I still ended up going to bed very early most week nights, so nothing to report there. On the bright side, I started waking up at 6am, so I’ve been having very productive mornings (I don’t leave for work until 9am).

I did lots of work on this blog most mornings. I’m putting a lot of energy in my spring shopping haul post, which I want to go live within the next two weeks. I’m still waiting for a couple of deliveries.

I wanted to take some time to write about International Women’s Day. When I stopped to think about it, there isn’t one woman in my life who isn’t super strong, unabashedly herself, headstrong, and feisty. I grew up with a lot of great role models and friends, especially my mom, grandmas, sister, and best friend XT. My mom did everything she can to give my sister and I an upbringing that shaped us into good people. My mom’s mom was super strong, and my dad’s mom was the funniest and kindest person I’ve ever known (and the best cook). My sister is literally the most intense, driven person I have ever met in my entire life. She makes Paris Geller look like a baby bird. And my best friend has been by my side for twenty years, in a friendship that transcends all other friendships. From my Art History major advisor in undergrad (always just off a plane from Italy studying Raphael) to my grad school thesis advisor (a Holocaust restitution lawyer), from my co-workers from my best friend from study abroad. It’s almost like girls run the world, or something.

It’s sad that in my mom’s lifetime she only had three sports to choose from in school. And to hear the bullshit that older women have had to deal with in their lives. And the bullshit that women today still have to deal with. I pose the question: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? We still have so much work to do, but I have complete confidence in women. That is all.

On Saturday after work, I went to the Armory Show with a co-worker. In case you didn’t know, it’s art fair week in New York City! It’s a time when galleries from all over the world exhibit at ADAA, the Armory Show, Spring Break, and a few other satellite fairs. Spring Break is usually my favorite fair, but it’s in Times Square this year so there’s no way I’m going. The Armory Show is the biggest one, so I’m glad I went, although I would’ve much rather gone to ADAA. Everyone in the art world has a love/hate relationship with fairs, because they’re a great way to see art from international galleries without leaving the city…but they are completely exhausting, expensive, and extremely sales-driven, and a lot of people don’t like that. A lot of galleries run a loss by participating in them. Quite frankly, they suck. But we all still do it.

I actually wasn’t impressed by much, except a few standout booths. I absolutely adored Allan Stone Projects’s Wayne Thiebaud booth (I’m a huge Thiebaud fan), and I was pleased to discover a new artist duo, Ken + Julia Yonetani at Mizuma Gallery’s expansive booth. When I was young, I used to have dreams that I was walking through a pitch black room with that was lit up by little floating pieces in neon colors, so their work made me feel like I was walking into one of my dreams. I appreciate that.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


I loved getting to see one of these twin artists in action drawing the fair as it happened.  They create these really interesting sort of camera obscura type drawings of landscapes, rooms, etc. that are really interesting to look at. Do you know that artist who photographs clouds indoors, Berndnaut Smilde? In his gallery’s booth, they had a little room set up so you can see the cloud and how he makes the photograph. I only snapped a picture in time to capture the dissipating cloud, but there’s a great photo of the work here. And my co-worker and I spent way too much time obsessing over these cat prints that I can’t seem to find on the internet right now, but here are some of my photos.

I spent most of my Sunday being incredibly productive and working on this blog. I absolutely love this blog, and I’m so happy that I’m starting to get over a hundred visitors every day! Thank you to everyone out there who is reading. You really motivate me to do the best for this blog! I’m workin’ hard for ya!

I spent the rest of the weekend just being productive. Between errands, this blog, food shopping, meal prep, and cleaning, I usually don’t sit down and relax until 3:30pm on Monday. Back at it tomorrow!

T. Louise

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