Weekly Roundup

How’s everyone holding up during the last few weeks of winter? Spring is coming SOON!

These past two weeks have absolutely flown by. A few things that I’ve been up to:

  1. Dreaming of visiting Florida: my parents just moved to Florida THIS WEEK. It was very surreal to say goodbye to my childhood home of twenty years, and to know that my parents are no longer living in New York. They are New Yorkers THROUGH AND THROUGH (you would know what I was talking about if you heard their accents), but I know that they are going to love living in Florida. So I’m dreaming of the warmer weather there, while my parents torture me with pictures of Palm Trees. I’ve also been thinking about family. Even though my parents are now hundreds of miles away, I still have a host of family members still here in NY. Last weekend, I visited my grandpa’s house, and in April I’ll be going to our family’s Easter brunch. It’s nice to still have people here.
  2. Spring Cleaning: Yesterday I did the most intense kitchen cleaning that the world has ever seen, and it felt SO GOOD. I scrubbed the inside of drawers, sanitized the entire fridge, and dusted the top of cabinets. Every nook and cranny is squeaky clean. Next weekend, I tackle the bathroom and bedroom.
  3. BBG: My sister and I are starting Kayla Itsine’s BBG program! I think I’ve plateaued with Tone It Up, so it’s time to try something new. Last week, I did a few pre-training workouts just to test it out. It seems really great! We decided that we are fit enough to jump right into Week One, so I’ll be starting that tomorrow. I’ve stocked my fridge with healthy foods, and I’m happy to see that BBG’s nutrition plan is much less restrictive than Tone It Up. I’m excited to see if that helps with my binge eating. I can have healthy wheat breads, brown rice, and I can have fruit after lunch! WOO!

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for my seventh Stitch Fix review!

T. Louise


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