Stitch Fix Review No. 7 | March 2018

DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN. My “worst” Stitch Fix box to date. This isn’t a bad review, because everything in this box is super adorable. But am I sad that I didn’t get anything? YOU BET.

On the bright side, this was my first fix on Style Pass. Stitch Fix is doing a trial run with a group of customers, where they pay $49/year instead of $20/fix. This is fantastic, because I can get as many boxes as I want per year, without feeling like I have to get something each box because of the styling fee. Because of this, I upped my price range and wanted to really focus on quality over quantity.

This was my exact note to my stylist:

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 2.48.57 PM


Stitch Fix is an online personal shopping service! It’s actually quite simple. You are matched with a personal stylist and they send you a box with five items whenever you need, but you can request recurring boxes (the options are seasonal, every couple of months, once a month, and every 2-3 weeks). There is a styling fee of $20 per box, which is credited to anything you purchase. It is free to return anything you don’t want or need! I’m planning on writing a more in depth post about the styling, checkout, and return process soon, so stay tuned for that! To sign up, you can visit Stitch Fix’s website and take the free style quiz. Also, please feel free to use my referral link here!





Truly Poppy Sidney Silk Dress in Navy ($108) — RETURNED: This dress is not me. I love the silk, and I love the silhouette. I love polka dots, and I love floral. But I do not love polka dots combined with floral. This dress just felt too mom-like for me.





Karl Lagerfeld Paris Merant Lace Overlay Blouse in White ($88) — RETURNED: This is fun! I really like the lace, and I like the adorable bows on the sleeves! I’m surprised my stylist sent me this, because I returned a nearly identical sweater version in my first fix. Even though I enjoy this top, it just doesn’t look right on me. I don’t like the horizontal stripes within the lace, and I just really am not a fan of sheer lace panels in general.





Vince Camuto Taconia Eyelet Cotton Top in Navy ($84) — RETURNED: This is one of those pieces that I would look good in if I was as thin as a rail. I just truly can’t pull off anything boxy — at all. I’ve told this to my stylist soooo many times. I really love this style…but just not on me.




Just Black Ethan Split Hem Skinny Jean in White ($78) — RETURNED: These were cute, and I appreciate that they were short enough to fit me. But they were slightlyyyy see through and I didn’t want to purchase them unless they were perfect.





DL1961 Maddox Denim Jacket in Indigo ($138) — RETURNED: OY! $138 for a jean jacket? That’s way too much for me. I was hoping that my stylist would sent a really clean-cut dark wash denim jacket. This one is distressed, and I actually have a jean jacket exactly like this one that I got at a thrift store for $4. Could not justify purchasing this.

WOMP! Maybe next fix will be better? You can read all of my past Stitch Fix posts here.

Thank you readers! You all seem to love reading these posts, and I love writing them for you 🙂

T. Louise

8 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review No. 7 | March 2018

  1. I actually got the idea from another stitch fixers blog. Now it’s fingers crossed I get some nice stuff. Last box I got this dress that was so baggy I looked like I was wearing a sack of potatoes!!


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