The Seaweed Bath Co. Review

Good morning everyone! You may have seen my recent post of My Favorite Natural Skincare Products. Well, I intentionally left The Seaweed Bath Co. off of that list, because I wanted to do an entire post just dedicated to them! I already know that I love this company because I tried their Lavender Argan Shampoo and Lavender Body Wash. For my birthday, I went to a local health food store and picked up more of their products to treat myself with a spa day. I decided to use the products for a week, and write a review!

As a background, The Seaweed Bath Co. calls themselves the seaweed experts. From the back of one of the bottles: “Inspired by the detoxifying powers of the ocean, The Seaweed Bath Co. is driven by science-backed research and the desire to offer personal care products that harness the vitality and restorative benefits of the sea.” I was originally attracted to the cute packaging, and then I saw that it had natural ingredients, and then I scanned the bottle with my Think Dirty app and saw that this was a really clean product. Also, I’m a big fan of the sea (ummm duh).

So let’s hop into the review!

Lemongrass Exfoliating Detox Scrub with French Clay and Coffee Extract: This was the first step in my bath time routine, and it really is wonderful. It has crushed walnut shells that act as the exfoliating beads (instead of those nasty non-biodegradable synthetic beads) and you can really feel it cleaning away all of your dead skin. It also contains French green clay, green tea, willow herb, peppermint, coriander, and lots of other good stuff. It creates a gentle lather and smells so great and refreshing. The crushed walnut washes away very easily. And the best part is that this stuff immediately made my skin feel so much softer after the first use. I have chronic dry skin, which usually sucks up lotion within seconds and is dry about an hour later. This product actually works! After a week of using it, I noticed that my skin was much softer than usual. This was unfortunately one of the only products my local store carried in the Detox line.

Lavender Hydrating Body Wash for All Skin Types: I am obsessed with the lavender scent of these products. They really do smell like a lavender plant (not like a synthetic lavender smell other skincare products). There’s something so nice about bathing in a lavender scent at the end of the day — it definitely has aromatherapeutic qualities. The body wash itself is great because it works well with the exfoliating scrub. My favorite part is that it can double as shaving gel, so it’s like a 2 in 1 product.

Lavender Volumizing Argan Shampoo: Washing your hair in this lavender scent is the most amazing, relaxing thing in the world. The only reason I don’t also have the conditioner is because I’m really trying to finish a gigantic bottle of Wen conditioner that my mom gave me. I have VERY dry hair that is thick but shrinks down to nothing when I straighten it, so I love that this is both moisturizing and volumizing — it has protein in addition to argan oil.

Lavender Hydrating Body Creme: This was the final step in my skincare routine this week! It’s really the icing on the cake, because my skin already feels soft when I put it on and I can feel it sealing in all of the moisture. But it doesn’t just sit on your skin — it actually sinks in. Overall, all of these products have really led to softer skin. This is no mean feat, because I’m not joking when I say I have lizard-like skin that is always dry and flaky. A week later, I (and my boyfriend) noticed that my skin was so much softer.

Thanks for reading!


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