Weekly Roundup

Hello! Since I didn’t write a weekly roundup last weekend, I’m going to write about my past two weeks today!

Last week was excellent because I was celebrating my 26th birthday. I like to do an entire “birthday week,” basically because I love any excuse to be in a good mood. I spent every work week morning honing in on my morning routine, which now looks something like this: wake up, scroll through Instagram for five minutes (this really wakes me up and motivates me for some reason), work out or go for a run, shower, hair, makeup, breakfast, add to my Five Minute Journal app, get dressed, and leave for work. The Five Minute Journal has really given me a better outlook on life — I was starting to get really negative with my extra workload at work lately, but this has made me focus on ~~*G r A t I t U d E*~~ and I highly recommend it for anyone in a funk. Basically, it makes you record things that you are grateful for, great things that happen to you, and things you are going to do to have a great day.

On my actual birthday, I had such a fantastic day. I started the morning getting birthday texts from my family and best friends, which always makes my day. And then my grandpa called, and it absolutely made my YEAR. I ADORE my grandpa, and I was so happy he called that I actually cried. At work, my co-workers got me cupcakes, which was so nice! I took an extra long lunch break (not saying much, because usually I only take 5-10 minutes) and just spent time chatting with my co-workers.


It started getting warmer by the end of the week. On Friday, it was 75 degrees so I took a walk through Central Park during work to take some photos of flowers. I then was able to leave early because Evan got me a massage for my birthday! I’m a huge fan of massages — I actually love giving them and took massage classes in college! But I only rarely receive a massage, and I’ve been feeling stressed lately, so Evan knew that this was exactly what I needed. It was a 90 minute deep tissue massage, and it was WONDERFUL. When I stood up after the massage I actually felt really woozy and out of it, probably because all of the toxins stuck in my muscles. But sooo much tension had been released from my body, especially in my back and shoulders. It’s been over a week since my massage, and I still feel like I have a brand new back! Oddly, I also noticed that some workout moves, like bicycle crunches, are easier than they were before. It’s so amazing.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset



On Sunday, I woke up and did a tarot reading in bed. Does anyone else love this stuff? I know it’s sort of hippie and mystical, but that is 100% me. You’re looking at a girl who attended full moon rituals in college. I don’t necessarily “believe” in tarots cards, but I do think that they are insightful. They themselves might not predict the future, but I think that our interpretations of them help some stuff from our subconscious come to the surface. I did the reading for my 26th year, and it was really insightful and left me with a very peaceful feeling. Evan and I later had brunch at Doc Watson’s, one of our favorite brunch spots, and spent the rest of the day having the most luxuriously lazy time ever.


I spent 80% of Monday listing clothing on Poshmark — it’s surprisingly time-consuming! And by night, I went to Brooklyn to see Franz Ferdinand with my best friend and her friend/roommate! I can’t even begin to describe how amazing they were. They performed a mix of songs from their new album, and the classics. I just fell in love with them! I fell in love with their performance of The Dark of the Matinee, and I wish I had recorded that one on my phone. I also forgot to mention that we also stopped for dinner before the concert, and I had an amazing pasta dish with broccolini, burrata, and pesto. It was nice to catch up with friends.




This week went by pretty quickly. Nothing really eventful happened from Tuesday through Saturday. So straight on to Sunday: I woke up, did a Tone It Up butt workout, and Evan woke up shortly after. We did some cleaning, and then took the most glorious spring walk through Central Park — everything was blooming. We walked around the reservoir, and through a few places I had never been to before. On the way home, we stopped at a diner and it was so nice to just sit and talk while the sun streamed through the windows. When we got home we started an epic game of Monopoly, which is still ongoing!!! I’m dominating.





By night, we ordered sushi and watched Game of Thrones. Then we made milkshakes and baked cookies!

And now it’s Monday night. Today was great for two reasons. 1: I spent an hour at Bloomingdale’s new free style studio, which I’ll write a separate blog post for soon!! Evan picked me up on the way home. I spent the middle of the day just getting my shit together and food shopping and meal prepping. And 2: I got dinner with my best friend! We went to one of our favorite diner spots in the city, and it was so nice to see each other twice in two weeks! I love my best friend.

Sneak peak of my rack from the style studio

And that’s it for now! Gearing up for another work week…

T. Louise




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