Stitch Fix Review No. 9 | April 2018

Hello, and welcome to my ninth Stitch Fix review! These are so much fun to write, and I know you love reading them, so I’ll keep ’em coming!

For this fix, I explained to my stylist that I’m trying to purchase only the most classic, timeless pieces out there. I was thinking: black pumps, white button downs, classic jewelry. I explained to her that I’m obsessed with the fashion blogger Audrey ala Mode, who is a capsule wardrobe blogger (I suggest you check her out), and sent her a link to Audrey’s blog. I told her that I didn’t have any upcoming events, but that I was just trying to build my warm weather work wardrobe.

This was the first time I ever “peeked” online at what I was getting before my box arrived. You do have the option to click the check out button before your box arrives, and normally I’m really great about not doing that. I like the surprise. But this time I clicked it, and I can’t decide if I like it or not. On the one hand, my box wasn’t a surprise. But on the other, I was able to analyze the clothing before it arrived.

I’m also not sure if I got a new stylist for this fix. My last stylist always signed her card as Meagan, and this time it was signed as Megan. I don’t know if it’s a new person, or just a spelling error. I think it was a new person based on her writing style and how she signed the card. If she is new, I wish she explicitly introduced herself so I wasn’t left guessing.

I didn’t do my usual “clothes on the hanger” photos because Stitch Fix provides very nice professional photos of all items, but I think next time I’ll go back to doing my own photos.

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Current Air Alvina Embellished Detail Chambray Button Down ($64) — RETURNED: This shirt was definitely in the running because I’m in need of a lightweight chambray shirt. However, it ended up being almost identical to the chambray shirt I already own — heavy and long. Also, I wasn’t a fan of the trendy embellishments, which were studs and pearls. Evan said the embellishments made it look like a cowgirl shirt, and I couldn’t unsee it.



DJ & JUJU Edris Tie Knot Front Knit Top ($38) — RETURNED: I’ve decided that I despise shirts with built in tie knots. Since I’m short, they always fall at the most awkward spot on my body. It almost falls at my knee! I’d rather tie my own knot. This shirt was a fantastic cut otherwise, and extremely flattering. Evan said the pattern looked like an optical illusion, and I couldn’t unsee that either!!



Velvet by Graham and Spencer Simpson Mixed Media Top ($108) — RETURNED: NO. I semi liked this top when I peaked at what I got online before my box arrived (minus the price tag), but I hated it when it arrived. The sleeves were a gigantic balloon of cotton on each arm, and the torso portion was made of the flimsiest see-through t-shirt material I have ever held. You can get a nicer shirt at H&M for $2 instead of getting something like this for over $100. NO.



Skies are Blue Zendaya Skirt ($54) — RETURNED: This was my favorite thing in the box, but it didn’t make the cut. I love skirts like this that have a stretch waistband because they’re so comfortable and flowy. But this one had a straight shape to it — it wasn’t as flared as I wanted it to be. Also, I ended up not liking the lace trim at the bottom. A lot of focus right at my knee is NOT what I need to elongate my frame (I probably say this in every blog post I write, but I’m 5’1″ — it makes shopping way more difficult than you’d think).


Splendid Footwear Fae Suede Espadrille Sandal ($98) — RETURNED: Not a fan of the color in terms of versatility. Also, they created a very bizarre “peep toe” effect on my foot, which is not a look that I like.

Overall, one of my favorite things about this fix was the versatile color palette (not the shoes, though). I liked that each shirt potentially matched the skirt. I suppose the shoes would have fit in with the white top. But I explained to my stylist that this wasn’t what I meant by TIMELESS. Do any of these pieces look totally timeless to you? They didn’t to me. Maybe next time, Megan/Meagan/whoever you are!

Thanks for reading!

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T. Louise

22 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review No. 9 | April 2018

  1. The optical illusion shirt I think I got that same one in a previous box. I also returned it. I was like my eyesssss!!!!! I hope you didn’t get a new stylist but you never know! None of these pieces to me was timeless. I hope next box is better! I see you got 2 boxes this month 🙂

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