Bloomingdale’s Style Studio

If you couldn’t already tell, I’ve been completely obsessed with styling services lately. I consistently use Stitch Fix, and have tried Wantable, Daily Look, and Trunk Club. So when Evan forwarded me an email from Bloomindale’s about a new free styling service I was like FUCK YEAHHHH SIGN ME UP BEEYATCH (no exaggeration).

While creating my appointment, I also had to fill out a simple quiz about what sort of categories I was looking for (shoes? shirts? etc.) and what my goal was (seasonal refresh? trying new trends? I went with TOTAL CLOSET OVERHAUL, my favorite option). I also told them a bit more about my style and body type. They eventually sent me a text and let me know that I can correspond with them there and send them any inspiration. I sent them my epic 10,000 pin closet board that I’ve been cultivating since I was in college. I figured that would be more than enough inspiration.

So I had my first appointment at 11:30am on Monday at their Soho location. I took the escalators to the fifth floor, and walked into the beautifully decorated style studio. Seriously, this place was like a dream dressing room! I took a couple of photos.



My stylist was named Tess, and she was SO friendly and great — she immediately put me at ease (which is saying something because I’m an awkward person in general, really). She didn’t make me feel guilty that I chose the lowest budget option, which was comforting. She showed me the dressing room and my rack, and immediately handed me an outfit and we hopped right into it.


I really liked how, when something didn’t fit or when I didn’t like something, she would immediately grab the next things and we would move on. It made me feel more decisive. The pace was by no means rushed, but there was no room for “this makes me look fat” or “wow, I’m so short, nothing looks right on me.” It was just like do you like it, or not?? And that was all that mattered. It was also nice to hear the opinions of a “fashion” person. It was nice to hear her say “No, that doesn’t look right” when I didn’t like something. And it was also nice to hear “Those look GREAT on you” when I came out of the fitting room in something I knew I liked, but was out of my comfort zone.

A note about price range here. She immediately told me right off the bat that it would be difficult to stay under my budget, which I figured would be the case. I immediately made up a new budget in my head and tried to commit to it. Some of the items she brought out were DOUBLE my budget. And yes, I went way over my budget (“I threw economy to the winds!” as Marcel Proust would say. “Every now and then, I’m seized with an overwhelming urge to say something like ‘As Marcel Proust would say”, as Lorelai Gilmore would say. This post is weird). So WARNING! WARNING! DO. NOT. DO. THIS. IF. YOU. ARE. TRYING. TO. SAVE. MONEY. I probably shouldn’t have done it, quite frankly.

So let’s talk about the clothes! I would say that she definitely pulled more trendy items, but once she got to know me better, she started pulling more tailored, classic items. I was actually in love with my selection! Here are the photos I took — I’ll try to link everything.


Top | Jeans

This was my first outfit! The jeans were too tight, of course (I have massive thighs, truly, from playing years of field hockey. They are rock solid monoliths). I loved the idea of this, but the shirt was too big and I’m not a fan of the raw hem trend. When I told this to Tess, she immediately eliminated two pairs of raw hem jeans she had picked out for me. But she said “remember that I didn’t design any of this, so don’t feel bad if you don’t like something.”



Top | Skirt

This was the outfit that made Tess realize that I look so much better in things that cinch at the waist. I loved the skirt. Also, I hate it when bloggers do that One Foot Forward pose, but HERE I AM, guilty as charged. Also, can we talk about these shirt sleeves? I am the majestic Butterflutterfly (I didn’t buy it).



This romper was so adorable, but I would have liked it more if it were a dress. Also, it didn’t fit well enough for me to buy. I wasn’t 100% sold on how the shorts looked. Why am I standing like an emo teenager in the photo? Probably because I used to be an emo teenager and, sometimes, it shows.


Top | Pants (similar)

This outfit was such a winner! I loved the pants, but unfortunately wasn’t crazy about the tuxedo stripe on the side. The top was also gorgeous, but I already had something similar.



I loved this shirt on the rack. You can never have enough oatmeal sweaters, right? But this just didn’t look right on me. I have a very specific body type that needs a very specific silhouette. This made me look like a peeled potato.



This orange top was way too small and they didn’t have my real size in inventory. I considered ordering a larger size, but didn’t want to take the risk of it not fitting.


Jacket | Skirt

These two items were some of my favorites of the day! As soon as I put this jacket on, I knew I had to have it. Do you know that feeling when you put a jacket on and it fits perfectly? It was also the first thing I noticed on the rack when I walked in the room. The tweed is amazing (navy blue, white, and pink) and it has a perfect little clasp at the middle so you can wear it open or cinched. When I looked at the price tag, I died a little. It was WAY over budget. But I ended up buying it. Why? Because I have been a responsible human being my entire life, and I broke in this moment. LOL.

The skirt was also perfect! It was navy, white, and black, so it matched most items in my wardrobe. I’m also in desperate need of summer skirts, so this was a winner.


This was my rack at the end of the session. Tess let me spend some time looking at at everything and comparing prices. In the end, I purchased the black tie shirt (I forgot to take a try on photo of that — maybe I’ll do a try on video at home!), the tweed jacket, and the skirt.

This was SUCH a fun experience. Part of me wants to do it again ASAP, but I know I probably shouldn’t. Instead, this is maybe something I would consider doing a few times a year (maybe in the spring and fall), just to refresh my wardrobe.

Thanks for reading!

T. Louise


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