Mini Summer Makeup Haul

Real Techniques by Sam & Nic Miracle Face + Body Sponge: I bought this to replace my old one, which got crusty pretty quickly (I didn’t wet it the first time I used it because I have no idea what I’m doing 88.2% of the time). This thing is totally amazing! I was looking for a beauty blender in Ulta’s overwhelming beauty blender section, and finally asked an employee which one I should get. She said the larger blender was mostly for body makeup application (that’s a thing???) but when used on the face, the blending will only take one minute! I liked that. I now use this blender every day and highly recommend it. It leaves my face with such a healthy dewy feel.

Almay Powder Blush in Coral: I don’t know what it is about my complexion, but it goes really well with coral and anything in the orange color-family. I am just about to run out of my Neutrogena Highlighting Blush, and decided to try something new! I haven’t actually tried this yet — I’m trying to be a better person and let old products run out before opening new ones. So we shall see! I’ll report back.

Lancome Color Design High Pigment True Color Eye Shadow in Henna: I am also just about to run out of my AMAZING Bare Minerals Quest and Query Powder Eyeliner Set. But — emergency — they don’t make it anymore!!! So I needed to find something new, stat. When I asked (yet another) Ulta employee if they carried something similar, she said they didn’t but recommended that I try just using eye shadow with an angled brush. I’m so happy I found this little dark brown eyeshadow tub! It perfectly matches my eye color, and powder creates a much softer look. It’s almost identical to Bare Minerals’.

E.L.F. Small Angled Brush: This is my first real brush purchase! All of my other brushes are gifts from my mom 🙂 — she is actually the only reason I have a functional makeup bag. E.L.F. is affordable and this makeup brush is a classic!

Check out some of my other beauty hauls and favorites here!

T. Louise


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