TIU Bikini Series Check In | Week Seven

I can’t believe it’s been seven weeks since I started the Tone It Up Bikini Series! Week seven ended up being solid with a few slip ups.

Workouts: I did most of the workouts this week, but slipped up a little toward the end of the week. I got back on track today by going through the daily moves (although I didn’t do the complimentary workout). I’ve been feeling sick again this week (how!?) so waking up in the morning has been especially hard.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Rainbow Lean Bowl

Nutrition: Since I’ve not been feeling well, my eating patterns were really strange this week. I haven’t had an appetite at all, and when I do I only want bland carbs. So towards the end of this week when I started feeling sick, I slipped up a little and have been eating noodles and plain sandwiches. Whoops!

Mental Health: I didn’t exactly take care of myself this weekend…no reading, yoga, meditation, or writing in my journal. But I feel fine, so that’s okay with me!

A short check in this week! Next week is the last week of the series, so I’m excited to post my final results!

T. Louise

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