Trunk Club Review | June 2018

This winter, I quit Trunk Club quite dramatically — I had some issues with them, and felt that my stylist wasn’t listening to me at all. Now that I quit Stitch Fix for that same reason, I decided to give Trunk Club another chance and I’m SO happy I did!

First things first, I made sure to switch my stylist. My last stylist was Elaine, and now my new stylist is Fallyn. Fallyn TOTALLY nailed my first box. It really feels like she read my mind. I told her I was looking for classic, simple summer staples, and she absolutely delivered! I’m really excited to share with you what she sent…I ended up keeping six things!!

Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 7.30.07 PM

If you’d like, please feel free to use my Trunk Club referral link here!




French Connection Tatus Stripe Drawstring Cotton Shirtdress ($128) — RETURNED: I asked for a shirt dress, and I got a shirt dress! It’s so beautiful when things work out. This dress is an absolutely gorgeous, classic, stripe-y, tie-waist shirt dress that is PERFECT for work. I really am in love with it! However, there are two reasons that I returned it that can’t be seen in these pictures. First of all, there was a ton of fabric and it was very overwhelming — I would have loved this dress if it had more structure to it. Second of all, the long buttoned sleeve holes were so small that I couldn’t fit my hands through them!!! How????? I am a petite person and have tiny little baby hands. So…that’s why the sleeves are rolled up in the above picture. I didn’t like the idea of getting a dress for $128 and not being able to wear it the way it should be worn.



Adelyn Rae Lavinia Fit & Flare Dress ($101) — RETURNED: This dress worked in theory but not on my body. Something about it just wasn’t flattering on me, period.



Maggy London Sleeveless Jacquard Fit & Flare Dress ($178) — RETURNED: Here comes the bride! I really don’t have anywhere to wear this dress. Also, there was a whole lot of tulle underneath that skirt, and it truly overwhelmed my frame! You can see that, while this is supposed to be a just-below-the-knee dress, it basically comes mid-calf on me so instead of taking this dress seriously, I just laughed at it. I definitely complain in every single blog post how much it #sucksssss being so short, but that is just my reality. Maybe you think this dress looks cute in the picture, and maybe you are right, but TRUST ME: I looked like an 8 year-old playing dress up in this dress.



Gibson x Hi Sugarplum! Flamenco Ruffle Trim Dress ($69) — RETURNED: I liked the bottom cut of this dress, but am increasingly sick of ruffle sleeves. Go away! Also, you can’t see this in the picture but these little gingham boxes, paired with a naturally wrinkly fabric, literally created the illusion that this dress was vibrating. I felt like I was on drugs or insane, I kid you not. We were about to have some real-life yellow wallpaper shit go down over here.



Felicity & Coco Dara Shift Dress ($98) — KEPT: Yay!!! A wonderful black dress that I can jut throw on when I feel lazy, and still look put together! I love so many things about this dress: the open sleeves that allow for a breeze to hit your upper arm while still having coverage, the above-the-knee-length, the flowy feel, the cinched waist, and, last but certainly not least, the color! I can see myself reaching for this dress a lot this summer.


KUT from the Kloth Mia Skinny Jeans ($79) — RETURNED: No try-on-photo for these! These skinny jeans fit at the waist, but were so long and did loads of bunching around various parts of my leg. It wasn’t very flattering. Return! My hunt for a great pair of white jeans continues.



BP. The Perfect Shirt ($49) (this color is sold out on Nordstrom) — KEPT: This shirt really is perfect! It’s such a lightweight material, which is perfect for summer. Lately in this strange hot-but-cold weather, I’ve been reaching for button downs. I only have a couple of buttons down, so it’s good to add another one to grab! I love that it’s almost tunic length…perfect for wearing over jeans. But it’s not too long that I can’t tuck it into a skirt.



Madewell Setlist Boxy Stripe Tee ($39.50) — KEPT: I’m not a fan of short sleeve shirts, but I had to have this one because it’s so comfortable and excellent quality. Well done, Madewell! I’ve already worn this shirt twice since I received my box this week, so I can tell this is going to be a staple in my summer wardrobe.



KUT from the Kloth ‘Helena’ Denim Jacket ($79) — KEPT: I already own two jeans jackets, but they are both distressed and oversized from c. the 1990s (RIP). I really needed a more fitted polished jean jacket that wasn’t CRAZY expensive, so I’m glad I got this! I hesitated because I didn’t think June was a good time to buy a jacket, but then we had a couple of 60 degree days this week, and I’m so glad I had this on hand!


Soludos ‘Smoking’ Espadrille Platform Shoe ($98.95) — RETURNED: I was so excited to receive these shoes in my Trunk, because I’ve been eyeing them for two years (I’m so bad at shopping, I sometimes literally wait three years to buy something I want). Thanks, Fallyn, for sending these to me! Unfortunately, these were way too small! Even in my size, I couldn’t even fit my entire foot into this shoe! I felt like an ugly step sister or something. I also realized that I don’t really like the color. So back they go!


Splendid Nima Loafer Mule ($108.95) — KEPT: Before these shoes arrived, I was a defiant, outspoken, almost VILLAINOUS, backless shoe hater. So much so that when I wore these into my office, I did so sheepishly and felt people looking at me like “this hypocrite.” When I saw these in my trunk I was like “eh. I’ll try them on and hate them.” That’s not what happened! Backless shoes are slippers, my friend, and they are so delightfully comfy ❤


Vince Camuto Corlina Ankle Strap Sandal ($99.95) — KEPT: So, needless to say, these shoes are wonderful and gorgeous and an absolute staple. I desperately needed a pair of nude heels, so these are like a gift from the gods. If you like these, I highly recommend you click the link to them and marvel at all the different colors they make them in!!

And there we have it! I’m back on the Trunk Club bandwagon this time around.

Thanks for reading! If you’d like, you can read my other, less positive, Trunk Club reviews here.


5 thoughts on “Trunk Club Review | June 2018

  1. My first time seeing your blog. Thank you for sharing your photos! I am trying Trunk Club and found a stylist Khat that seems to get me. There have been some misses for sure. Finally, was sent the perfect pair of black ankle pants. I’m short too (only 5’3) and it is so hard to find pants that fit well on a petite bottom heavy frame. If you find those perfect white jeans, let me know! I’m on the hunt for a pair too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment! I’m so glad to hear that your stylist sent you a perfect pair of black jeans — especially since they can be so hard to find! I’ll definitely follow up if I find a pair of white jeans. I’m still on the hunt 🙂 but in the meantime I just use Uniqlo cropped white jeggings and wear long tops or tunics over them. They’re solid and are usually available online, though they sell out pretty quickly.


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