Trunk Club Review | July 2018

It’s time for my July Trunk Club review! I was so excited to receive this box because my stylist picked exactly what I was asking for: a white cardigan, red shoes, a red bag, dresses, and skirts. However, nothing seemed to work this time around! Not a single thing sat right with me, and I’m SO sad.

To be completely real: when I tried this stuff on, I was a mess. I had just come back from a busy day at work where the AC wasn’t working — and nothing puts me in a worse mood than THIS WEATHER (for those of you from other parts of the country, it’s been nightmarishly humid, hot, and rainy in New York City, and there is no end in sight). I was tired, grumpy, rushed, and I hadn’t had a good hair day in a week. So I went in with the attitude of “I hate everything” and that may or may not have affected some of my decisions.

So basically, I love a lot of these clothes…but they just didn’t feel right on my body. Let’s jump into it before I start complaining about the weather more.


Everleigh Eyelet Shift Dress ($75) — RETURNED: This dress is cute in theory and would fit in well with my wardrobe. But I didn’t like the fit — I would like it a lot more if it cinched at the waist. I thought about trying it with a belt, but decided that there was too much fabric. This dress also has a very thick lining which is great, because it isn’t see-through…but it made it uncomfortably warm.

Jeffrey Campbell Charlin Bow Mule ($109.95) — RETURNED: These were just too trendy for me. They literally look to me like they could be a shoe from another (relatively close by) planet.

When I say tent-like things don’t look good on me…I MEAN it.

J. Crew Slub Cotton Blend Cardigan ($49.50) — RETURNED: I didn’t like this because it was oversized, had a drop shoulder, and was see-through. The amount of fabric was overwhelming and #bringtheoldjcrewback!

Kate Spade New York Carter Street – Kylie Leather Satchel ($298) — RETURNED: I never realized that purses could be painful until recently. This particular bag (is an absolute work of art but) HURT my arm when I wore it. I don’t know how to describe that, but it hurt. I’m a 26 year-old woman, and I’m done buying painful, shitty clothing!!


Trouve Striped Cotton & Silk Shirt Dress ($89) — RETURNED: First of all, this is see-through and that is always a no-no for me! Also, the sleeves are SO strange. They bunched upwards towards the shoulder, and it actually pulled my arms and HURT. Painful clothes are also a no-no.

Kenneth Cole New York Ames Point Toe Flat ($129.94) — RETURNED: I loveeee that my stylist gave me two pairs of red flats to choose from, but I didn’t like either. I know this is the most minute thing, but I didn’t like that the heel was red. Also, I didn’t like the asymmetrical toe line. I’d like to apologize to my stylist for being so damned picky.


Cece Tie Sleeve Shift Dress ($129) — RETURNED: This dress looks nice on me, right? WRONG. The zipper didn’t zip in the back. I’ve also decided that I’m no longer purchasing polyester clothing that costs more than $50, especially in the summer. It’s such a hot and itchy fabric, and I never feel my best in it. In addition to being made of the devil’s fabric, this was too tent-like and didn’t fit properly.

Callisto Hit Pan Pump ($74.95) — RETURNED: Kitten heels are back, people. I’m not here for that. Also, I have nowhere to wear these.

Rebecca Minkoff Chevron Quilted Love Crossbody Bag ($295) — RETURNED: This bag is really pretty, just like the Kate Spade! BUT (there’s always a but, isn’t there) this bag is so boxy, it sort of flopped around at my hip. I could only imagine power-walking through the city (because there is no other way to walk here) with it smacking my hip at every step. No bueno!!


Everleigh Scallop Edge Sleeveless Blouse ($45) — RETURNED: This is a nice top, but I’m not a scallop person. It’s too…cute. I’m a small girl, so when I try on scallops or bows or certain patterns, it’s just TOO MUCH. Props on the color, though!

AGOLDE Sophie High Waist Ankle Jeans ($138) — RETURNED: Too small! Tight!!

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 6.59.10 PM

Topshop Linen Button Paperbag Miniskirt ($55) — RETURNED: WAYYYYY TOOO SMALLLLLLLLL!!!!! I was so, so excited for this skirt because it has my name written all over it! It cinches at the waist, is linen, is a nice neutral color, and has buttons! But holy crap, I couldn’t even button the top three buttons. In short, this made me feel like a whale. I thought about sizing up, but I would probably be like a size 47 in this skirt!

Thanks for reading!



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