Birchbox Review | August 2018 (Curated)

Hello, and welcome to my August Birchbox review! I’m really, really excited to share this month’s curated box, which is SO good!


Before we start, I just wanted to say how cute and amazing Birchbox’s branding is. Their boxes are always so colorful, and I love their monthly themes. Definitely something to look forward to every month.

Everything is linked below!



Doucce Cheek Blush in RSVP | Full-size, $28: I love this! It’s so smooth, and adds a very natural-looking blush to your face. My only criticism is that this color is a bit too rich for me. It’s a very potent dusty rose color, and it’s absolutely GORGEOUS. It looks completely fine if I blend it well enough, but I would have much preferred a lighter peachy color. I would probably choose the “Soft Whispers” option. I’m still going to use the whole sample of this color though, of course 🙂


Birchbox Kabuki Brush | Full-size, $5: This is fantastic! I can’t even describe how amazingly soft the bristles of this brush are. They are also extremely thick, so application is smooth and feels good on the face. I used this with the above Doucce blush and they are a perfect combo. I can’t wait to try this with my powder highlighter.



Borgehese Advanced Fango Active Mud Mask | Full-size, $48: Oooohhh, fancy! I love me a good mud mask. I’ve only done a spot test with this so far but oh my god, it’s so great! It’s thick, cold, and smells so, so pretty. You only have to leave it on for 2-5 minutes, so it’s good if you’re pressed for time. I can’t wait to do the full treatment on my face and chest (I’ve been getting some unfortunate chest acne this summer from the humidity and being sweaty all of the time).


Oribe Featherbalm Weightless Styler | Full-size, $42: I am a recent Oribe fanatic convert. My hair salon actually uses their products exclusively, and they always smell so good and do an excellent job. I’ve been browsing their site looking for a product to buy (it’s so hard to choose) so I was happy to see this as a product in the curated box this month — it’s one of the reasons I chose curated instead of random samples. I did try a small amount of this on my damp hair pre-blowdrying, and it smelled just like my salon which made me happy. I definitely noticed that my hair was very soft and sleek afterwards, but that may be because I just got an Oribe conditioning treatment at my salon — so the result is probably a combination of both products!


Amika Phantom Hydrating Dry Shampoo Foam | Full-size, $25: I actually screamed “WHAT THE FUCK” when I sprayed this onto my palm. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was so foamy and huge! Like a science experiment! I rubbed it into my hair…and immediately was pissed off because it made my hair 4x more greasy than it already was. What a bust! I actually had to use my other dry shampoo over it to fix it. BUT. It definitely has hydrating properties, so that was nice — combining it with my other dry shampoo (you prob shouldn’t combine this shit, though, honestly) made my hair look less greasy but moisturized! I looked online at other people’s Birchbox reviews to see if they had the same complaints, and they did. But some people said you just had to rub it in suuuupppperrr thoroughly to get the best results, so I’ll try that next time!

And that’s it for this month! You can read last month’s Birchbox review here.

Thanks for reading!


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