Korean Beauty Product Haul + Snail Moisturizer Review!

Hello everyone, and happy Friday! I mentioned in my last Weekly Roundup that my best friend and I had a major shopping spree at Besfren, which is an adorable Korean beauty supply store and cafe in mid-town. If you haven’t been there or checked out their website, I really recommend that you do because they have such a fantastic selection of products — and their swirled matcha taro ice cream is to die for!


The store itself is so enticing, cute, and colorful. It’s honestly like a shopping dream (their motto is actually “hop into a fairy tale” so that’s fitting) and everyone is extremely helpful. Both my best friend and I managed to get a massive amount of goodies, so I wanted to share with you what I got!



Jayjun Rose Blossom Mask: I got two of these for my boyfriend and I so we could do these masks together! The pictured package is actually open because we tried them as soon as I got home. This was the first sheet mask I tried in my life, so it was really interesting — the sheet mask fit me much better than it fit my boyfriend! It definitely had cooling properties, and my face felt softer afterwards.


COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch: I purchased these in case I ever have a pimple that I need to get rid of quickly. I thought they would be good to have on hand! I haven’t had to try it yet.


Etude House 24K Gold Therapy Collagen Eye Patch: I’m totally on board with the collagen trend (I even bought powder for my smoothies). These are great! I’ve only tried one pair so fair, but they feel so great under the eye area. And they’re GOLD, so I sort of feel like a super hero when I wear them!


Skinfood Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek: This is the cutest, summery, citrus-y lip and cheek palette ever. It comes in three shades of bright orange, which I love because orange/coral looks great with my skin tone. I’ve been using this on my lips every day.


Missha Matte Modern Shadow: I don’t think they have this exact color online, so I linked a very similar color! I’ve noticed lately that very light white or pink eye shadow looks best on my face, but I didn’t have any real shadow in these colors. So I’m so glad I got this! This is also kind of a weird thing to mention, but the packaging on this product is so sturdy — it feels like it’s very well-made.


Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick: I got the lightest color in this, and it’s perfect for me. I plan on using it as a highlighter at my tear ducts and brow bone. The color matches my skin, and the sparkle is very fine and subtle enough to wear to work. But it can also be applied more thickly for a night out! I’m obsessed.


TVL Crimson Punch Hand Cream:  I got this as a free gift. Thanks Besfren! It’s made by Tavalon, a tea company.  I’m keeping this at my sink as a post-handwashing moisturizer. It smells like grape, but has a ton on non-grape ingredients like olive oil and other fruits.


Holika Holika Pig Nose Strong Clear Blackhead 3-step Kit: My blackheads are out of this world, and I use pore strips once or twice a month to clear things out. I haven’t tried this yet, but I’ve heard good things and read the good reviews, so I’m excited to see how it goes! I can’t find the strong version on Besfren’s website, so I’m linking the regular version.


Kina Cosmetics Super Green Face Mask: I haven’t tried this either yet, but I can’t wait. This was in the $2 face mask section, so I couldn’t resist picking it up near the register.


COSRX Advanced Snail 92 All in one Cream: This is the purchase I’m most excited about! I came into this experience knowing that I wanted to try something “unconventional” like snail secretion or bee venom. I immediately gravitated towards this. So, the consistency itself is exactly what you would imagine it to be: it’s white, slimy, and sleek. And it’s just like snail slime — it leaves trails and is very, very stringy. A little goes a long way. When going on the skin, it goes on smooth and absorbs rather quickly considering the consistency. I tried it on my hand first in the store, and was really impressed by how much softer my hand felt throughout shopping. When I got home and tried it on my face, I was BLOWN AWAY. I’m really not exaggerating, either. First, it definitely firms the skin. It gives you that sort of “sucking in” feeling that mud masks usually give. Second, I did notice that my very fine lines (on my forehead and under my eyes) look slightly less deep. Third, I noticed that my inflamed acne looked so much less agitated. And to top it all off, I really feel like my face is GLOWING since I started using this. My boyfriend even said that my face felt really soft (and when I told him why, he was like ?!?!).

I don’t know much about different skin types, but I could imagine that this might be too slimy for people with sensitive skin. I’ve always had very “thick” skin that can basically handle any product in the world, so maybe be a bit more cautious if you’re skin is sensitive. But I would 100% recommend trying out snail cream! I did some research after purchasing it (a bit backwards, I know), and I found that snails secrete when they are agitated, and of course we all know that they secrete when they slide along the ground. They do so to keep their bodies slimy and safe from all of the rocks and other things that they trail over on the ground — so in theory, snail cream could have the same benefits for human skin in terms of protection, moisture, and anti-inflammation. Actual scientific studies seem to be inconclusive, but people notice the benefits (myself included), and the ancient Greeks even used snail secretion for beauty purposes — and I’m a fan of trying out ancient beauty techniques.

I just thought of one last benefit: because there’s so much of it, and because a little goes such a long way, I’m not precious about slathering this all over my neck and chest too. I know that older women always recommend that you do to your neck and chest what you do to your face, because the neck and chest show signs of aging too (I’m pretty sure Tina Fey said this in Bossypants lol). Usually I only put a little lotion on my neck and chest because I don’t want to waste any of my products. But with this lotion, I slather on with reckless abandon, and I have noticed the benefits on my neck and chest as well.

Thanks for reading!



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