Stitch Fix Review No. 13 | September 2018

I’m back in the Stitch Fix game! After my last box came in June, I decided to stop ordering for a while because I wasn’t having any success with my new stylists. But I just recently realized that I was still on the yearly “style pass” subscription ($50 for the full year), so I figured I might as well continue ordering as many fixes as possible — the service is already paid for!

For my September fix, I asked my stylist to send their most autumnal items. I also asked for long sleeve fit and flare dresses, flared skirts, neutrals, and fall patterns like dark florals, plaid, and leopard. My stylist definitely delivered on the colors and patterns, but she only sent one dress and no skirts! So 50/50 in terms of what I asked for.

Before we start, I have one complaint about Stitch Fix — and it’s totally not their fault! I just always have problems when they ship with FedEx. I always schedule my fixes to arrive on Saturdays so that I can photograph everything over the weekend for this blog, but when they ship with FedEx they are always late. It’s just a minor inconvenience, but I love photographing all the items in the best natural light. Anyway, like I said: it’s not Stitch Fix’s fault…but it does annoy me every time! So not the best photos this time around. When they ship with other vendors, my boxes always arrives right on time. I just don’t know what’s wrong with FedEx.


Stitch Fix is an online personal shopping service! It’s actually quite simple. You are matched with a personal stylist and they send you a box with five items whenever you need, but you can request recurring boxes (the options are seasonal, every couple of months, once a month, and every 2-3 weeks). There is a styling fee of $20 per box, which is credited to anything you purchase. It is free to return anything you don’t want or need! I’m planning on writing a more in depth post about the styling, checkout, and return process soon, so stay tuned for that! To sign up, you can visit Stitch Fix’s website and take the free style quiz. Also, please feel free to use my referral link here!

Anyway, here’s what I got!

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 7.56.26 PM


Collective Concepts Zared Split Neck Blouse ($64) — KEPT: I love this top. It looks great with a black skirt, and can also be tucked into jeans. The pattern is great, the sleeves are roll tabs, and I can also wear this through spring!


Lucky Brand Bylando Printed Leather Flat ($79) — RETURNED: I love everything about these, but I already own a pair of leopard flats. I just couldn’t justify getting another.


Lila Ryan Ida Cargo Skinny Pant ($98) — RETURNED: No try-on photo because these were too small! Also, I’m not a huge fan of cargo pants, so I probably would have returned them even if they fit.



Collective Concepts Krystal Textured Dress ($78) — RETURNED: Based on the photo, I thought this dress would be a keeper. But it ended up being too bulky and flowy on the top half, so it didn’t do any favors for my figure.

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 7.56.17 PM


Eden Society Laysha Cargo Jacket ($78) — KEPT: I initially thought I would return this, but I decided to keep it because it has nifty little pulls that really help to accentuate my waist (hard to tell in this photo because of the way I’m holding my phone)…and I like anything that cinches. I already own a cargo jacket, but it’s pretty shapeless, and this one was different enough in terms of fit that I went ahead and purchased it.

Overall thoughts: I loved this fix and requested the same stylist for next time!

Thanks for reading!


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