Stitch Fix Review No. 14 | October 2018

Hello! It’s time for yet another Stitch Fix review because I’m an addict. I justify this obsession by using style pass, so I don’t have to pay the $20 styling fee for each fix anymore. I actually received this box on September 29th, but I’m considering it an October fix because I asked for the most autumnal pieces possible.

Right to it: I’m so sad about this fix! It’s pretty blah and not at all my style. I got a new stylist (Ashley) even though I requested my last stylist (who did an amazing job — Courtney W.) and I feel like she didn’t even read my note. Her note to me even seemed really boring, like it could’ve been written for anyone. Blah!


Stitch Fix is an online personal shopping service! It’s actually quite simple. You are matched with a personal stylist and they send you a box with five items whenever you need, but you can request recurring boxes (the options are seasonal, every couple of months, once a month, and every 2-3 weeks). There is a styling fee of $20 per box, which is credited to anything you purchase. It is free to return anything you don’t want or need! I’m planning on writing a more in-depth post about the styling, checkout, and return process soon, so stay tuned for that! To sign up, you can visit Stitch Fix’s website and take the free style quiz. Also, please feel free to use my referral link here!

Here’s what I got!



Ink Love & Peace Quinne Knit Hoodie in Navy ($58) — RETURNED: I asked for cropped Nike athletic leggings in this fix…and I got a hoodie instead. Stitch Fix has been pushing their new partnership with Nike, so I’m surprised they didn’t just send me a pair since I asked. I plan on asking for an athleisure fix in the future — maybe in the winter — but I’ll have to adjust my budget then because I would never pay over $50 for athletic tops. This hoodie was comfortable, but it was snug in the midsection. I didn’t like the how the darting/seams were popping out.



August Mist Josey Elbow Patch Pullover in Dark Green ($44) — RETURNED: I like the style of this sweater, but the knit was pretty loose and see-through. Also, it didn’t do my body any favors.


Tribal Fia Straight Trouser in Black ($58) — RETURNED: Nah. I’m not a pants person and these were way too tight.



41 Hawthorn Alivia Sweater Dress in Dark Gray ($108) — RETURNED: The cap sleeves on this dress make me feel very self-conscious about my arms. However, if you have the body type for this silhouette, I would recommend this dress because the fabric was SO soft and comfy.



Calvin Klein Oakley Sweater Knit Dress in Black ($108) — RETURNED: Also not flattering. Maybe looks okay from the front, but not from the side! I’m not a fan of this pattern, either.

Overall, not my best fix! But I’m looking forward to the next one in mid-October.

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review No. 14 | October 2018

  1. Thanks for this review. I did Stitch Fix for a couple of years right after it started and it was great, but over time it got worse. I have not had a fix for over a year. I was thinking of trying one for the fall, but seeing this review reminded me of why StitchFix disappointed me. That Hawthorn dress, for example, is over $100 yet they didn’t even bother to match the print on the skirt to center front. Poorly made! And NO ONE will look good in both that dress and the second one – they are for two completely different body types!

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    1. Hi, thanks for the comment! I completely agree. I actually just received another fix last week, but I decided not to post about it because I didn’t keep anything yet again. I am going to cancel my subscription once my annual pass runs out. For now, I keep the boxes on auto-delivery because they’re already paid for, and I might get lucky and get something I really like! Otherwise, they’ve been disappointing lately and a lot of people seem to feel the same way.


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