Pureple Styling App Review

As you already know, I am simultaneously obsessed with personal styling services and attempting to save money (I’m not as skilled at the latter, whoops). So I’m here today to introduce you to another free styling app called Pureple — you can read my previous review of Finery’s free computer app here.

As always, this is not a sponsored post. Just trying to help out and alert people about stuff that actually works.

I think (?) that Pureple is pronounced “pure-pull” and it’s an app for your phone. -AND JUST AS I GOOGLED PUREPLE FOR THIS POST, I SAW THAT A BROWSER APP IS IN DEVELOPMENT!! WOOO!!!- I already religiously use the Stylebook app, which costs money — and I think Stylebook’s outfit generator isn’t up to par with the rest of what it offers. So I tried researching other styling apps and I came across Pureple. It’s not very sophisticated aesthetically, but it’s free and it gets the job done and I love that.




Like a lot of these services, you do have to upload images of all of your clothing. Luckily, I already had excellent photos of everything from Stylebook, so I just uploaded everything by category (and I keep the app updated whenever I buy something new).




Next, you should go through each piece and enter some data about it to help the app — color, occasion, season, pattern, and material are the options I chose to fill out (there are more, including size and price, etc.). I actually used Pureple for about a year without completing this step. The app still works, but it just generates more wildly random and unwearable outfits. Last night, I realized that the app would be more functional if I went through and filled out the info, so I did and it was worth it.




I don’t know how the data works but it can basically generate endless outfits, and you can flip through them like Tindr and either swipe left or right depending on how much you like them. It’s fun! And less high-stakes than dating.

I have a whole section of saved outfits that I love, but mostly I just turn to the outfit generator for ideas when I’m not sure what to wear. I’m including five randomly generated outfits below including skirts, shoes, sweaters, and jackets so you can get an idea of what it does:


There’s another feature I’ve been meaning to try, and that it the community section. Apparently, you can create outfits for people in the community and vice versa. And they also seem to be working on/already have a personal styling service with actual people that you have to pay. I haven’t tried that because of $$$ but I love that it’s there.

I hope this is helpful to some! Thanks for reading!


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