Stitch Fix Review No. 17 | February 2019

Hello! I hope you are all enjoying a nice long weekend — I know I am. I’m going to jump right into this review, so here we go!

For this fix, I asked my stylist Sara for statement pieces and some comfy yoga clothing. Spoiler alert: I didn’t keep anything. Here’s what I got:


Pink Clover Kendall Back Detail Hacci Knit Top ($44) — RETURNED: This shirt was perfectly acceptable and comfortable. However, the fabric was so soft that it felt like it wouldn’t hold up over time. Also, I would much prefer black stripes to navy — black would just fit in better with my overall wardrobe.



Skies are Blue Reyah Crochet Detail Top ($64) — RETURNED: This shirt doesn’t fit in with my style. Between the flowers and the crocheted shoulders, it felt too bohemian.



Blank NYC Carl Skinny Courderoy ($88) — RETURNED: I was surprised that I liked these pants! They were extremely comfortable and soft and sunshine yellow is my favorite color. But overall, they were too long and bunched a bit in the back so I couldn’t justify the price tag. I left them rolled up in the photos so you can see just how long they were on me (I have this problem with 99% of jeans honestly). I’d rather just stick with buying cropped jeans and call it a day.



41 Hawthorn Lotheadda Faux Leather Trim Boat Neck Knit Top ($54) — RETURNED: This is cute. Overall, I like this top and I could see myself wearing it with a lot of bottoms. But I wasn’t over the moon about it. First of all, I don’t like the faux leather trim. Does anyone else feel like faux leather trim always ends up peeling? I also didn’t like that there was a zipper in the back. I know I’m picky, but why buy something unless you absolutely love it?



Free People Barkley Jogger Pant ($88) — RETURNED: Ohhh these were so comfy. But $88 for sweatpants I’ll only wear around the apartment? Hard pass.

Let’s hope next time is better!! Thanks for reading!


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