Fashom Review | July 2019

Hello! I’m doing a review today for a new-to-me subscription box called Fashom! I’m always up for trying a new stylist and this company offers a free styling session to all new customers. That is a huge plus for me, and I’m really excited to try this one out and share it with you.

If you’d like to give Fashom a try, please click my referral link here!

Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 8.21.52 AM

I did some research and I was happy to see that the company was founded in 2015 by a woman, Mitali Saxena, and it was originally a social media platform for people to share their style in a non-filtered, anti-Instagram-perfection way. They started the hashtag BetterAsIAm to promote a more healthy perspective. Hell yeah. Two years later, the company created its personal styling service — and here we are! Oh, and they donate $1 from every box sold to Second Chance Rescue NYC, which seeks to reduce overpopulation in animal shelters, rescue and help injured animals, and connect the community with sources that help animals stay in their homes. That means a lot to me.

How It Works

Similar to other styling services, you start by filling out your style profile. This was pretty standard and I answered questions about my size, budget, and style preferences.

After filling out the profile, your stylist will take 2-3 business days to present you with seven items. They do make a note that sometimes it takes them more than 2-3 business days, but my stylist was extremely prompt and presented my items in two business days. Out of the seven items chosen by your stylist, you choose the final five that ship. I personally love this feature because it allows you to feel styled, but also gives you some agency without having to feel overwhelmed by choice.

Once you select your items, they take 12-14 days to ship. This was probably my least favorite part of the checkout process because I get so excited and can’t wait to receive my items whenever I order a subscription box. It would be so great for things to just instantaneously turn up on your doorstep, but that’s not how the world works (yet) so here we are 🙂 !

My Preview

For this box, I requested fit and flare dresses, flared skirts, and tighter tops. I said that I’m looking for clothes that are minimalist with some more exciting accessories, and that I was looking for black and neutrals with pops of color. I said that I especially needed summer clothes.

Here’s the preview I received from my stylist, Molls:

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 7.09.56 PM

I decided to ship everything except for the denim jacket (because I already have one) and the red top with golden pineapples (not really my style). Overall, I’m very excited to try everything else on! I’m particularly excited for the two sleeveless tops. I only have five sleeveless tops in my closet, and I can use more because they are already on heavy rotation during the summer. I am a bit concerned because I’m trying to minimize pattern in my wardrobe, and I completely forgot to mention that in my style profile, but we’ll see how they fit with other items in my closet.

See you in 12-14 days!


Okay! My box ended up arriving while I was away on a trip, so I only had a very short amount of time to try everything on and decide what I wanted. I had to return everything the next morning. The return window for Fashom is three days after you receive your box, which really isn’t enough time for me. Especially because I usually like to photograph everything for this blog on the weekend, which is why I would always schedule my Stitch Fix boxes to arrive on Fridays. But there is no scheduling option for Fashom, so I tried everything on and made my decision in a two-hour window that I had. It was sort of rushed because I needed to also food shop and meal prep in that time window — yikes.

Here are my hasty try-on photos:


SM Wardrobe Multi Bird Print Dress ($46) — RETURNED: This dress was fine! The birds were fun. But I just wasn’t over the moon about it because I don’t really think it’s my style.


Gilli Tiered Snake Print Top ($39) — RETURNED: I actually loved how this top looked with skirts, but the polyester was very scratchy and I wasn’t a fan. The shirt is also flowy and it didn’t look good with pants. It was very tent-like, which I’m not crazy about.

Just Black A Line Skirt with Long Frayed Hem ($44) — RETURNED: I considered keeping this skirt because it was very comfortable. But at the end of the day, I thought it just looked too young and trendy on me. There’s something about frayed hems that bothers me. In the end, I decided to return it because I didn’t want to spend money on something that won’t be in style anymore in a couple of years.


Naked Zebra Alix V-Neck Cami Top ($39) — RETURNED: I’ve been looking for camis since I get so much use out of the black cami I got through Trunk Club. I liked this cami in theory but the color wasn’t very flattering on me and it was a bit too large. Also, the fabric felt nice but the lining was scratchy and I could tell it would bother me, especially in the summer.

Mittoshop Leopard Tie Side Mini Flare Woven Skirt ($43) — RETURNED: This could have been a keeper but, needless to say, it was way too large! When I took it off, I noticed that it didn’t have a size listed anywhere on it. There were no sizes on the receipt, either. That felt pretty sketchy to me. Was this a one-size-fits-all skirt??? Was it a small that fit like an extra-large? Was the tagged ripped out? We will never know!

Okay. So I didn’t end up keeping anything because of fit issues, fabric quality, and pattern. Another con was that they don’t provide good images of the clothing you get (that’s a personal con for me because I use high res images when I’m adding clothes to my StyleBook app, but that’s another post for another day).

Despite these cons, there were many things about this box that I like. First of all, I think my stylist did a good job with what I gave her. I don’t think the items were minimalist per se, but they were cohesive and tailored to me in a way that I liked very much. I liked that I had a few outfit options from the box. Another excellent pro is the cost. You get a 25% discount for keeping three or four pieces and a 30% discount for keeping all five. That definitely gives them a competitive edge over Stitch Fix, which offers only 25% off for keeping all five items. If I were to keep everything in my box, it would have cost $147.70 which was very appealing to me! Usually, my Stitch Fix boxes would clock in at anywhere between $200-$400 with the discount.

Again, if you’d like to give Fashom a try, please click my referral link here!

Thanks for reading!


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