Fab Fit Fun Style Review | August 2019

Okay. I recently subscribed to Fab Fit Fun because — let’s face it — I have a problem. And then, to make matters worse, I discovered that they have a new clothing subscription service that is similar to Stitch Fix! I had to try it, guys. I just HAD to.

In summary, the service really is extremely similar to Stitch Fix. You fill out a style profile, and they send you a box with five items. You can return any unwanted items in your free return bag via FedEx. The styling fee is $20.

There is one major difference, however, from Stitch Fix. FFF sends you a free gift! I’ll review that too at the end of this post.

Overall, I was extremely impressed by how well my FFF stylist understood my style. I think this might be the first subscription box where I looked at what I got and thought, “damn, she nailed it.” I just gave her my style profile, a few sentences about what I like, and my Pinterest board, and she just understood me. That’s amazing. Despite all of this, I didn’t get to keep any of my items because of fit issues, which makes me SO sad.

Here’s what I got!



Plaid Ruffle Sleeve Woven Dress ($54) — RETURNED: I love everything about this dress: the fit and flare style, the pattern, the v-neck, and the black trim. But I’m just not in love with the dress on me. I thought it was comfortable, but the cap sleeves weren’t my favorite and I had to keep pulling the v-neck up so that it wouldn’t look too low cut.





Free People One I Love Cami ($58) — RETURNED: I’ve been looking for a white v-neck camisole so I was excited to receive this. However, it was also too low cut on me. The back dipped low enough to show my bra strap, which I hate. Also, the quality wasn’t that great. I don’t think it is worth $58.

Le Petite Noura Denim Skirt ($52) — RETURNED: This skirt was really cute! I liked the dark wash and buttons. It looks pretty decent from the front but, from the side, it wasn’t flattering at all.




Free People Baby Rib Tee ($34) — RETURNED: I wanted to keep this so badly but I just couldn’t justify it. The shoulders were too narrow, and the arm holes were too tight. Just not the most comfortable situation for me.

High Waist Slim Pants ($52) — RETURNED: These pants were a surprise! They were stretchy, almost like a yoga pant, but the style was very business casual. In the end, I thought that they were too tight to wear to my office but too fancy to wear casually so I had to pass on them. Also, one of the seams near the bottom of the right pant leg was defective, so not really the best quality!

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 8.58.27 PM

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Night Cap Overnight Perfector: This was the “free gift” that came with my box. I guess it technically wasn’t free because I paid for my styling fee and didn’t keep anything. But I love it! I have it in my hair right now, and the smell is actually intoxicating. I actually haven’t washed it out yet, but my hair does feel and look softer, so that’s a plus. Honestly, I would just buy this for the smell alone!

I’m really glad I tried out this box, and I might give it another whirl in the future knowing how well the stylist understood my style. But for now, I’ll hold off. Maybe in the fall!

Thanks for reading!


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