Stitch Fix Review | October 2019

Hello! I hope everyone is having an excellent fall this year. I’m back with my Stitch Fix subscription and, after a few boxes of trial and error, I finally found a stylist I love named Sarah Michele. She actually has already sent me two fantastic boxes that I didn’t have a spare second to review, so I’m getting back into writing these posts starting with this fix.

This time around, I requested fit and flare dresses, a flared skirt, and flat shoes. I explained to her that I loved the color palette of the last two fixes she sent me (lots of autumnal colors), and asked her to refer to my Pinterest board.

If you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix, please check out my referral link here!

Here’s what I got:


41Hawthorn Rosette Knit Dress ($78) — RETURNED: This dress is gorgeous, but it looks better in this photo than it did in real life. As a short person, I have a very consistent issue with v-neck dresses and tops: the v-neck is almost always too low. That was the case with this dress. If I didn’t constantly pull it up, it fell down to a very bad place. I’ve been trying to be a lot more mindful about the clothes I buy, and one of my new rules is to not purchase something if I have to fuss and adjust in the fitting room. That usually means I’ll be fussing and adjusting all day when wearing it, and it won’t be comfortable, and the piece will end up sitting in the back of my closet.



DV8 Aiken Slingback Flat ($79) — RETURNED: I’m a big fan of red and pointy-toe flats. I wasn’t crazy about the stitching on the heel but wanted to give these a chance. Unfortunately, they were painful the second I took my first step in them, so that’s an immediate Nope!



Goldray Tristin Cut Out Twist Back Knit Top ($48) — RETURNED: This top didn’t do anything for me. There was too much extra fabric in the midsection, and the grayish blue didn’t do anything for my pale complexion.


41Hawthorn Jarred Lace Detail Cap-Sleeve Blouse ($58) — KEPT: I love this blouse! Black lace is my JAM. I love the delicate fringe on the sleeves, and I really love the straps that go upward through the lace in the neck. It’s sort of witchy and reminds me of stained glass. Black tops are always welcome in my wardrobe because they’re so easy to wear with my skirt collection. I wore this to work the next day with a gray wool skirt, a black cashmere cardigan that I got on sale, and my favorite tall black boots.



Skies Are Blue Cadence Knit Skirt ($54) — RETURNED: I definitely considered keeping this, especially with the holiday season coming up. I love plaid, especially red plaid, and I love wearing pull-on skirts because they’re so easy but look dressed-up. At the end of the day, I decided to return this because I didn’t feel 100% confident in it. The skirt looks great from the front, but from the side it bunched up in unfortunate places. Oh well!

Thanks for reading! If you’d like, please feel free to check out my other Stitch Fix review here, or visit my referral link if you’re interested in trying it for yourself! 


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