Work-from-home Stitch Fix Review | July 2020

Hello! Long time no see. A lot has happened since I last posted. I hope you’re all safe, healthy, coping, learning, and — hopefully — happy.

I received my first Stitch Fix since March last month and I wanted to share it with you. Working from home has given me a little bit of extra time to dedicate to this blog! For this fix, I asked for a combination of work-from-home attire and athleisure. I have plenty of dresses, skirts, and work tops but I don’t have much to wear in the home office department. I also asked for fashion sneakers, which is something I’ve been wanting for a long time.

All items that are available online are linked below.

If you’d like to try Stitch Fix, please find my referral code here!

Joie Footwear Handan Leather Lace Up Sneaker ($228) — RETURNED: These really charmed me when I saw them. I love a good chunky shoe, though I’ve never tried platforms. In the end, I decided to return them because the sole felt really heavy when I walked, they skinned the back of my ankles a little bit, and this is out of my price range for something trendier like platforms.

Threads 4 Thought Aisha Knot Front Cotton Blend Knit Top ($42) — RETURNED: I love stripes so much. But I decided to return this because I don’t like the pre-made knot at the bottom.

Sanctuary Josephine Drop Shoulder Pullover ($78) — RETURNED: This is perfectly up my alley, but I felt reluctant to buy it because it’s officially summer and I ran out of sweater space in my closet! Also, the sleeves were too long.

Sundry Annalyne French Terry Hoodie ($138) — RETURNED: I liked this when I put it on because it was comfortable and had a really nice drape in the back, but then I looked at the price and almost passed out.

All Fenix Madison Core 7/8 Performance Leggings ($98) — KEPT: I’ve been living in black yoga pants lately. I know the great Blair Waldorf said that, “tights aren’t pants” but I haven’t been going out as much. I needed another pair, they were comfy, and I loved them! I’m peeved that these are less expensive on All Fenix’s website, but there’s a $15 shipping fee because they’re in Australia. So…technically cheaper to purchase through Stitch Fix, but I see you on that up-charge!!

Try-On Photos

Again, if you’d like to try Stitch Fix, please find my referral code here!

Also, you can read my past Stitch Fix reviews here.

Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “Work-from-home Stitch Fix Review | July 2020

    1. Yes, obsessed with all of their outfits. I think the lowest point for me was the Lady Gaga episode when they’re at NYU, can’t remember which season that was. I love Lady Gaga but that ep was so bad hahaha

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  1. I LOVE the pants you decided to keep.Love Blair!!!!! I do so love gossip girl. You need to request a Blair box!!! Why in God’s name is she sending a long sleeve sweater in the summer??!!! The prices for those sneakers and hoodie made me wanna pass out as well! I usually don’t like tops that tie in a knot like that at the bottom as well. I think I kept maybe 1 top like that and i barely wear it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes!! She’s the best, I just started re-watching GG this week! I have another review queued up where they sent me long sleeves and pants, and didn’t end up keeping anything from that one. I specified SUMMER clothes in my next box that’s coming next week hahaha. And right! I think the knots are too annoying for sure

      Liked by 1 person

      1. oh my word! I would sort of understand if they sent a light weight cardigan but not a sweater and long sleeves! for my note i said I live in Louisiana its HOT HERE! I can’t wait to peek at my fix this week. I’m even more curious to read the note and see if they kept my same lady or gave me another since I clicked the option for them to choose. I read a post about Serena from GG today how she was the worst character. I actually liked her a lot even though at times I would scream at the TV when she did something DUMB! The revelation of Dan as GG ticked me off and the response of the characters to him being GG pissed me off even more. I’m like your gonna let that slid after all the cruel stuff that was said??!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahahaha yeah, it’s so unbelievable. I wish every season was a good as the first, but things got so wild. Serena is getting so much hate lately, not entirely undeserved, but I think Dan was way worse! And right – it’s way too hot for sweaters, we’re officially in the height of summer so not sure what they’re thinking. I asked to get Anna again for my next fix and they promised they’d assign her to me. I can’t wait to peak at mine too, it should go out within the next couple of days!

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