“Summer” stitch fix review | July 2020

Hello! This fix was a bit of a dud, but I’m sharing it with you anyway because the pieces were cute overall. I asked my stylist to surprise me with summer clothes, so I was a little disappointed when the items in my box came and seemed wintery. Unfortunately, NYC is a melting greenhouse/furnace hellscape in the summer and I just can’t wear long sleeves when I’m schlepping to and from work as the smell of melting garbage wafts up my nose. Also, this fix felt a bit too business professional for my job.

It turns out that Stitch Fix switched my stylist to someone new, so she wasn’t as familiar with my lifestyle. I asked for Anna back next time. Anna understood me!

All items that are available online are linked below.

Kate Spade Kelly Bell Sleeve Ponte Dress ($128) — RETURNED: This is a very nice, high quality, and classic Kate Spade little black dress. Normally, I would say you can’t go wrong with a black dress but, because this was such good quality fabric, it was also very heavy and not appropriate for summer. It didn’t sit right at my shoulders, and maybe could’ve used a bit of hemming. But mostly I returned it because this is just not a summer dress.

Liverpool Kelsey Printed Crop Wide Leg Trousers ($88) — RETURNED: I linked another color option, since it seems they’re out of this dark gray plaid. These were too big on me. They seemed very baggy when I tried them on. Otherwise, I could see how they would be flattering in the correct size, and they also felt like good quality. At the end of the day, I just don’t need a pair of dark heavy pants in the dog days of summer. Also: I have no where to wear these. My job is casual, and I’m working from home most days.

Tolani Camila Silk Blouse ($129) — RETURNED: This piece did feel summery! I decided that I wasn’t a huge fan of the snakeskin, and this also felt too business professional. I can see someone throwing a blazer over this — that’s not me. I’m trying to steer clear of busy patterns lately because they don’t match as much. Also, this was out of my price range for a tank.

Karl Lagerfeld Paris Lacey Ruffle Detail Button Down Blouse ($78) — RETURNED: This was cute. I love polka dots, and the buttons were pearls! But I felt too constricted in the long sleeves and this wasn’t summery. I actually have another top just like this that I never wear it because the ruffles down the front feel a bit heavy. I knew probably wouldn’t end up wearing this for the same reason.

41 Hawthorn Juanis Pleat Detail Gathering Hem Blouse ($64) — RETURNED: Wasn’t a fan of the long sleeves, or this brand. I have a cardigan from 41 Hawthorn that pilled after two wears so I steer clear of them. The thread at the neckline was actually starting to come apart a bit, which is not a good sign! Otherwise, this was my favorite item in the box — but I would’ve liked it better without the grid pattern.

Try-On Photos

Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on ““Summer” stitch fix review | July 2020

  1. I feel your pain. My Stitch Fixes weren’t up to par. I’m an author who works at home and likes exciting clothes for date nights and they kept giving me boring business casual stuff. After four fixes and three stylists later, I said I was going to try one more time. I peeked and it looks like I’ll finally get a 5/5! What worked was telling the stylist to look at my pinned board instead of using words they didn’t seem to understand like “unique” and “edgy.”

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    1. Yes! Thanks for your comment. They seem to gravitate toward generic clothing at first. My fixes are a lot better now that I’ve found a stylist I like and have an inspiration board!


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