Work-From-Home Stitch Fix Review | August 2020

Good morning! I hope you’re as well as possible during this time, and I hope that August is better than the last five months (let’s not get our hopes up, though)!

Anna is my stylist again, and I’m obsessed with everything that she sent me for this work-from-home fix. Unfortunately, nothing worked out in terms of fit and/or price, so I’m not keeping anything. But these items were a lot of fun to obsess over and try on. This box epitomized my work-from-home style.

LNA Josephina Mesh Detail Knit Top ($88) — RETURNED: I loved this top! It’s black, super soft, and has a mesh neckline that adds interest to what would otherwise be an all-black outfit for me. Unfortunately, Anna said they only had it in stock in a medium, and the shoulders were too large. The seams didn’t sit in the right place. Also, the price was too high for a t-shirt. I told Anna in my note that I just won’t purchase athleisure tops at this price point.

Rails Roman Knit Tee ($88) — RETURNED: I was super excited for this top because I’ve been looking everywhere for a tie-dye t-shirt just like this. Unfortunately, it was also too big and too expensive for what it is. I think I can find something a lot less expensive at another store. The fit was too boxy for me.

Gaiam Tricia Mesh Pocket Om High Rise Biker Shorts ($36) — RETURNED: So sad I had to return these. I’ve been looking for biker shorts for my workouts and general loungewear. I thought I’d keep them when I first saw them, but trying them on made me realize the fabric is too rough. Sort of hard to explain, but they’re not as soft as they look. Also, I knew the mesh pockets would get destroyed at our laundromat.

Sundry Leopard Tank Top ($78) — RETURNED: I love the cut of this top, but I don’t think the color did anything for my skin tone. It’s also too expensive for a tank top.

BB Dakota Vella Knit Dress ($64) — RETURNED: I was obsessed with this dress. It’s beautiful and soft, it has stripes, it has amazing slits on both sides, and it would’ve been perfect for summer. The fact is that I’ve got a more curvy body type and I just can’t pull this off without being extremely self-conscious about my stomach. In my try-on photo, I’m wearing a shaper and squeezing my abs as hard as possible, and you can still see my stomach. It’s just not sustainable hahaha — oh well!

Try-On Photos

I think it would be really great if Stitch Fix differentiated their budget points in the style profile. They should have separate options for how much you’d pay for a work blouse vs. a workout top, for example.

Anyway, thank you for reading! You can read my other SF reviews here.

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