Weekly Roundup

I hope you all had a lovely week! Work was incredibly busy this week, so I’m excited to see the weekend.

We took a couple of walks to Carl Schurz Park this week, which was nice.

We also took a drive through the city and upstate yesterday. We had to drive through Times Square, and it was so empty compared to what it usually is. Batman was wandering aimlessly. It was sort of apocalyptic. But then it was nice to get out of the city for a bit and see sprawling nature.


Old paintings reveal how fruits and vegetables have evolved over the centuries.

I love artists. These paper sculptures by Diana Beltrán Herrera are unreal.

Jane Fonda has a blog and no one told me about it?!

Is Tony Soprano’s therapist good at her job?

An amazing, beautiful, and much-needed article about animals that live/work in museums.

Architectural GIFs restore damaged cultural sites around the world.

I really like these painstaking paintings by artist Xylor Jane.

If you’re like me and start craving autumn as soon as August rolls around, please check out Peter Muise’s blog New England Folklore. He is a kindred spirit. My best friend and I attended one of his Zoom lectures on witches — he’s absolutely delightful! This is my favorite post on his blog. SO funny and informative.

Also sharing another creepy, autumnal, and funny thing I love: the podcast Two Girls One Ghost. My best friend and I saw one of their live shows last summer ❤

Thanks for reading! Godspeed, everyone.

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