Short Story Box Review | Petite Subscription Box

I was wiling away some time on the internet a couple of weeks ago and came across Short Story, a clothing subscription box for petite women. I watched a couple of unboxing videos on Youtube and was really impressed with the styling, so I knew I had to try it! I feel like I mention this in almost every post, but I’m 5’1″ and that can make shopping incredibly difficult — especially since I have a curvier body type. I often get items from Stitch Fix that are too long, or don’t hit me in the right places, so I ordered this box hoping that they’d be more in tune with the short woman struggle.

The style profile and checkout process were extremely similar to Stitch Fix, where you answer questions about your style, size, and budget. I feel like this box took longer to style, but I didn’t mind at all. Just something to look forward to! When I received it, I was so excited because my stylist sent items that were mostly black — my favorite color to wear. I also thought it was so nice that they sent a measuring tape, so you could send them more precise measurements of your shoulders, inseam, waist, etc. I have a 24 inch inseam, which I think is the funniest thing ever because that’s so short — that’s like capri level. And one more thing: the prices were *chef’s kiss* SO reasonable.

Gilli Rany Sleeveless V-neck Belted Jumpsuit ($62.35): This was a classic black jumpsuit with wide shoulder straps, a deep V-neck, a tie belt, and pockets. My stylist, Shannon, suggested wearing it with a lightweight denim jacket and sneakers, or heels and statement jewelry. I really loved this piece and would absolutely wear it for a night out or date. The length was perfect! I was surprised to see that this is not actually a petite size — just regular. But the legs were capri-length on the model, so Short Story did the work for me and looked for a capri jumpsuit that I could wear as full length. They DO understand! My only issue was that the V-neck was too deep, another very real issue that I have all the time. I had too much room in the shoulders and it just wasn’t the right fit for me. Returned.

Petite Principle Petite Tyler Mixed Strip Tee ($32.65): I love stripes, but I don’t think I like mixed stripes very much. This shirt was incredibly soft, and the stripes were charcoal gray. I really liked the fit and feel, but felt that it was a little too long if I wanted to wear it untucked. I think I would’ve purchased this if it was either fully thick or thin stripes. Returned.

Leto Wild Child Cotton Crochet Scallop Top ($32.59): This was such a wild card item! My stylist said that this hits at “just the right place for petites” so I thought maybe it would hit where my high-waisted jeans began, but that’s not what happened. I knew I couldn’t keep it because it was just too short. I even tried it with a camisole underneath but still didn’t like the aggressive crop. I did like the black lace! Returned.

JAG Jeans Petite Nolan Shorts ($58.50): I’m in desperate need of shorts, so I was glad to see these. I don’t wear shorts very often, but I need them for when I visit my parents in Florida. I only have two pairs right now, which isn’t really working. These were cute, though they weren’t my style at all. The length made me feel like I was about to go golfing. I liked how they look with the above bodysuit, and did consider getting them for when we take trips to Disney, although I feel like white isn’t the best color to wear on rides and whatnot. But the main reason I returned these was because of another classic petite issue: they fit my butt perfectly, but gaped at the back of my waist. Classic! Returned.

Capella Shirred Bodycon Mini Dress ($36.65): This was a very form-fitting dress with a tulip hem and ruching in the front that was flattering. I liked this, but it showed my stomach from the side which I don’t love. This dress would be great for a night out, though it was a little bit see-through — you’d probably want to wear nude shorts underneath it. Returned.

Leto Bailey Plunge Lace Bralette ($28.50): I wasn’t expecting to receive a bralette, but I was here for it. The lace was beautiful and the piece was extremely soft. No try-on photo for obvious reasons! Kept.

Overall, I was impressed with this as a first box. Shannon got the gist of my style, and I can’t wait to continue working with them until they more fully understand the look I’m going for. I was a little disappointed with some of the fit issues: the too-deep V-neck, the gaping waist, the length of the bodycon dress — but I think they’ll learn more about my sizing and proportions from the feedback I left with this purchase. Compared to Stitch Fix, I feel like they took more care with selecting the pieces, and I love the focus on fit.

I already have another box scheduled and I’m really excited to see how this goes. Based on this first box, I think it’ll be great. If they can tweak the style and fit, that will be so amazing.

Thanks for reading!

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