Short Story Box Review | August 2020

Good morning! I’ve been looking forward to my second Short Story box, and it finally arrived earlier this month. I had high hopes after they understood my style from my first box, but unfortunately this second box was a total no-go. If you missed my first post, Short Story is a clothing subscription box that is similar to Stitch Fix but it caters to petite women. I’m 5’1″ so I was really excited to try it out.

I’m not sure what happened this time around, but my stylist sent me a very bohemian, sort of 70s-90s, colorful box. This is the complete opposite of my style. The clothes they sent are lovely, but just not for me. I actually emailed them on Friday to cancel my subscription because of their $25 styling fee. Stitch Fix is $25 per year for unlimited boxes, so I allow more leeway. Short Story is $25 per box for styling, so it isn’t worth it to me unless they get my style every time.

No Less Than Margot Peplum Top ($32): I liked this top overall. It had a nice burnt orange color and a cute floral pattern. I loved that it was peplum and cinched at the waist. But the sleeves were too cutesy and had elastic in them, so they were squeezing my arms a bit. Returned.

Lola Jeans Laurel Culotte Jean ($99): My stylist must’ve sent these because I had some images of Lucy Hale wearing similar denim on my Pinterest board. I generally like culottes, but I don’t think these were flattering. They’re also supposed to hit at the ankle, but they brushed the top of my foot. Short Story didn’t feel very petite-friendly when trying these on.

No Less Than Gabriella Crossover Sleeveless Body Suit ($38.59): This was definitely the most figure-flattering item in my box. I liked the cut. I just didn’t like the color, which was sage. Sage is beautiful, but pale colors make me look like a ghost. Returned.

No Less Than Midi Skirt With Side Button Front ($42): This skirt was very trendy. It had a sort of witchy 90s revival vibe, which I love. Unfortunately, it just didn’t look right on me. The waistband was a little too big, and the whole thing was too long. Also, I feel like I can find something very similar at a thrift store for a lot less. Returned.

No Less Than Audrey Crop Tank ($27): This top was way too boxy and didn’t flatter me. My stylist said, “while it is a boxier fit, the cropped length is perfect for highlighting your waist when paired with high waisted bottoms.” I don’t think that happened for me. Returned.

I have one more August Stitch Fix review to post, and then I’m looking forward to fall fashion 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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