Weekly Roundup

Good morning! This was my first week of a two week vacation and I’m so thankful to have time off to relax. This week I practiced crocheting, ran a ton of errands that I’ve been putting off, cleaned, did yoga, wrote letters, read books, watched Youtube videos, took some drives and walks, got my haircut for the first time since 2019, wrote in my private blog, and made lots of healthy recipes. It’s been so restorative.

I also wrote a very long private blog post about our family dog, Tony. Tony passed away on August 11th, and it’s been incredibly sad and hard. I miss him more than I can begin to describe. I thought about publishing my post on this blog as well, but I poured my heart out and it ultimately feels right to keep it private. It was so nice to go through photos and remember his full life. Rest in peace, Tony ❤

I’ve been trying to keep busy and stay distracted from the sadness of it.


This went sort of viral, but it’s so exciting so I’m sharing it anyway: The Coronavirus is Bringing Back Florence’s Wine Windows.

PSA that Modcloth has the most amazing new Halloween arrivals.

Speaking of Halloween, here are 66 Pumpkin Recipes to Make This Fall.

This is a Saturday morning cleaning schedule for when you didn’t have time to clean all week (aka this happens to us every week).

I am obsessed with the Dutch Golden Age in art history, so I was excited to see this: Buckingham Palace Art Collection to go on gallery display for the first time. Too bad I can’t see it in person.

THIS. This is my dream house.

I was just thinking about this the other day. What ever happened to the early 2000s websites that we all wasted our time on? I used to love making dollz.

The 13 Best Book Covers of August.

Thanks for reading! If the weather’s nice next week, I’m going to try to get to Central Park to take photos.

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