Good morning! This was my last week of vacation, and I spent my time doing whatever I felt like (whether it was learning more about digital art or lazily playing Sims for three hours). It was perfect! One highlight was taking our camera out to Central Park. It was eerie to see the park so empty. There were still people out, but nowhere near normal levels.








A list of places to see the leaves changing that aren’t New England.

Fall Nail Inspiration.

Pre-Fall Outfit Inspiration.

50+ Items on Etsy to Help You Decorate for Fall & Halloween. I’m ridiculously excited for fall, in case you couldn’t tell.

Are We Running Out of Monster Metaphors? The psychology of monsters is fascinating. This topic has interested me since I was a kid and found a book on the topic at a used book sale. I had the opportunity to see The Morgan Library & Museum’s exhibition Medieval Monsters: Terrors, Aliens, Wonders with my best friend a couple of years ago, which was super interesting but also depressing (the fear and caricaturing of people outside their little bubble…and we still haven’t changed…). This particular article was interesting because I never considered space movies as part of the monster genre. It makes sense when you think about our escalating drive to leave this planet for so many reasons, and all of the horror that comes along with that!

These are some helpful tips for cleaning and organizing your closet. I have a massive donation I need to make, and there’s still lots of work to be done.

They successfully tested a flying car in Japan! It’s happening.

They found wild singing dogs in Indonesia! They previously believed them to extinct in the wild!

This is a fascinating history of treasure hunting in New England.

This week was our collective crush’s birthday. I didn’t realize that Keanu Reeves also runs X Artists’ Books, an indie art book publisher. That melts my cold dead heart.

The Art World is Full of Lies, Smuggling, and Financial Hijinks. Caveat emptor.

Thanks for reading!

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