Late Summer Stitch Fix Review | September 2020

Good morning! Today I’m sharing my last fix of the summer. I’m excited to start looking at fall fashion in the next couple of months!

For this fix, I asked my stylist to surprise me with summer clothes.

Max Studio Izla Button Down Top ($68) — This top was way oversized on me. Normally, I like tunic-length tops but this was comically long, though I did like it better tucked in. I decided to skip it because I don’t really like wearing blue. I have blue selected in my style profile as a color I never wear. Also, it was extremely wrinkled. Too high maintenance for me, unfortunately! Returned.

Vince Camuto Footwear Carindil Woven Mule ($89) — These were exciting! I love colorful shoes, but I shy away from square toes. These shoes also suffocated my feet, so I would’ve returned them even if I loved the style. They remind me of something Maddy would wear in Sweet Magnolias. Also, these are on sale for $74 and $54 at other retailers. Returned.

White Crow Cordoba V-Back Knit Tank ($49) — I can definitely find a black tank for a better price somewhere else. The V-back was cute, but it was pretty deep and I wasn’t a fan of that. I definitely wouldn’t want to wear this to work. Returned.

Madewell Slim Wide Leg In Light Wash Cropped Denim ($128) — Another day, another stylist sending me wide-legged jeans. I enjoyed trying these on. I love the idea of super high-waisted jeans with a wide leg. But they gaped at the waist, and I’m not a fan of the light wash. One of these days, women’s jean-makers will realize that many women aren’t just sticks. Returned.

A quick pause here to say that I got my polka-dot bodysuit at Lulu’s and I’m completely obsessed with it!

Romolo Reena Enamel Half Hoops ($28) — These were fine, but I almost never wear jewelry. Returned.

I’ve been having a lot of 0/5 Stitch Fix Boxes lately, which is such a bummer. I would cancel my subscription, but I do have Style Pass ($25 per year for unlimited boxes) so I might as well keep them coming and hope that some items will stick.

Thanks for reading!

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