Weekly Roundup

Good morning! I hope everyone had as nice a week as possible. I myself was swamped with work, but have been enjoying the weekend and the cooler temps. This morning, I woke up early and took a long walk along the East River. Yesterday I did yin yoga, worked on research, and took a walk to the library to return the library books that I checked out long before COVID. I dropped them in a massive bin, and the books will have to go through a quarantine period before they’re shelved. I checked out some more books from the Libby app and spent the rest of the day indulgently reading and watching Gossip Girl re-runs in the background. It’s been a lovely weekend, and I’m sad to see the tail end of it.


A short compilation, because most of the news/links I read this week made me want to either buy a punching bag or curl up in a ball and cry.

I know the work-life balance has been difficult for everyone lately without our regular routines. These are a few helpful tips for creating more boundaries if you’re without a commute. I myself am splitting in-office time with remote work, and it’s a bit disorienting to go back-and-forth so often — our schedules have changed three times since March.

Five fictional book clubs that are better than yours. I really want to start a book club, but I don’t know where to begin. I always feel like book-club-worthy books are never in stock at the library, and I can’t buy any more books!

I’m amazed by people who can get a 600 square foot apartment to look this good.

We really need this escape right now: The Great British Bakeoff is coming back to Netflix.

Thanks for reading!

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