Weekly Roundup

Good morning! I can’t believe it’s almost mid-October. I was insanely busy during the work week again, and I’ve been watching a ton of Halloween movies this weekend.

I started off with Hubie Halloween because it was the first thing listed on Netflix one night. Boy oh boy, do I hate Adam Sandler. But if you can look past his annoyances, and the eye roll-worthy jokes, there is a wonderful cheesy “Halloween night in Salem, MA” mise-en-scène that I didn’t know I was missing in my life hahaha. But that’s only if you can get past the cringe, which I almost didn’t.

I also watched What We Do in the Shadows, which is one of my favorite movies to watch. It’s a mockumentary about four vampires (don’t forget about sweet Petyr) that flat together in New Zealand, and it’s so funny and ridiculous. It gets me every time. They made a spinoff TV show about vampires in Staten Island (snort), but I couldn’t get into it. I probably re-watch this movie fives time a year. It never gets old.

I also started watching Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow, but it just made me sad. I grew up in a town that’s pretty close to Sleepy Hallow, and it made me miss fall in Upstate NY! NYC is great in the fall, but it’s not the same as living right next to a forest. Also, the leaves here don’t really peak until mid-November.

I also subjected my boyfriend to a Twilight marathon. I’m acutely aware that Twilight is objectively terrible for so many reasons, but I also love that it’s having a sort of self-aware renaissance right now. I wish I made a log of all the questions my boyfriend asked while we watched. My favorite scene is when Bella and Edward are pulling into the sheriff’s department and they brush hands, and she deadpans, “your hand is so cold.” And then they see the cop cars and she goes, “woah. what is going on.” It’s pure gold. Pure gold, people.

Today, we’re going to watch the Corpse Bride on Freeform. Another classic.


A Ranking of the Best “Gilmore Girls” Interiors. I would like to see a list without AYITL interiors, because I do not accept it as part of the canon.

Here are 12 artworks with cameos by the insect that played a starring role in the US VP Debate.

I can’t get over this baby panda.

Spooky Decor that Works Year-Round.

The Best Spooky Podcasts to Listen to This Month.

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